Saturday, June 30, 2007

Food-lighten Me

(Type of post: Non funny. Self discovery types!)

I must admit this one's been inspired by Bullshee's latest post! But here's my interpretation of the title!

1. I'm Food-a-holic. That I'm choc-aholic has been established for many years now but off late I've decided it's time to face up to the fact that food is the first love of my life! People says there's nothing like the look on my face when I bite into a sumptiously, sinful, chocolate dessert (the mouth's watering already!). What brings this passion to life is the incident of when I'd joined my company. They went around the room asking people to introduce themselves. "I'm ABC and I like sports." "I'm XYZ and I like to paint". "I'm Zee and I like to eat". Yup, the words flew out innocently without a second thought! After a stunned minute of silence where the unanimous thought seemed to be "Groan! Have we really recruited this dimwit?", someone politely said "Err...then this is the right place to be. We are a snacks company after all"

2. Now the 2nd interpretation of the title. I need to desperately food- lighten myself. I eat too much. I have this tendancy to put all the fattening stuff on the menu onto my plate and then feel much obliged to leave no need for anyone to clean up. Now I'm much above my college weight, battling with my trousers every single morning and too lazy to move my butt and exercise. Before I know it I'll be a dead elephant! Actually, more immediately, I don't want people pointing out to me at my friend's wedding and saying "Us moti wali dost ke kapde to dekho"

3. My Sunday mornings are marked by viewership of all the cooking shows on various channels!! Kylie Kwong, Angela's Kitchen, Khana Khazana, the Foodie are as much a part of my household as are Kyunki Saans, Saat Phere (Ruchi, this one esp for you) and My Family (Recently discovered most hilarious show on BBC entertainment, weekdays 8:30pm- channel 205 on Tata Sky- Life Jinga-lala types). Back to the topic, I was food-lightened by the fact that the format of cook shows have changed. From cooking in the kitchen to traveling the world and learning the history, living the life and cooking the food. This is what I want to do! This is exactly what I want to do with my life....

Monday, June 25, 2007

Pottering Around

Mr Potter is back!!! It's visible in the by the way he receives mentions in various blogs. It's visible in the "Book now and get blah blah free" posters in the malls. It's visible in the way I mention him at least twice in every conversation with my boy these days. It's visible in the way I'm re-reading all my Harry Potters to gear up for the movie release and the final book release. It's visible in the way I'm planning my work life so that I can take the Monday post the release off to be able to finish off my book (assuming 3 days locked up in my room are enough!). It's visible in the way I sneak a peak at my pre-booked voucher every couple of days for the 21st July book release!!!!

I cannot contain my excitement! I've already gone and seen all the youtube trailors of the movie. I've joined the orkut community for the 7th book and was extremely upset that I had forgotten who Aberforth Dumbledore is and so decided to revise my books before the final one.

I'm 26, people my age have children who are old enough to read these books but here I am biting my nails in excitement! There's nothing like the magic she can brew up!

The other day, my friend on hearing I'm reading the book told me she wished she were a witch. Fairly arbit statement to make. But then she clarified she meant the teenage witch varieties!! It's so cool huh how witches, the one thing we used to be petrified of as kids, are suddenly aspirational for kids (and adults like me) nowadays. To be able to do magic is cool....... unlike Joan of Arc who was burnt cause they thought she were a witch........

Hmmm....tangential thoughts. Just thought I'd write anyway.......since it's been so long.........

Got myself a reliance phone after a whooping 7.5K bill.........of course reliance customer care SUCKS!!!!!!! I went to get a connection and the customer care guy just stood there gaping dreamily at his girlfriend and I had to rap the table at least 10 times to catch his attention. And I've had to return to the store every couple of days regarding some strange connection problem or the other! And they're unhelpful!!! I HATE THEM!!!! Phew! Good to get it out of my system then!

Anyway, am off now. Awesome Sridevi Jeetinder movie on that I can't resist!!!!

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Shaadi ke Laddu

Why do Delhites fall in love during the summers??? Because their hearts melt away in the freaking heat!!! It’s 45 degrees celsius .. and I can feel myself melting away slowly like the evil witch in the Wizard of Oz (try and resist from making a comment that I look like the evil witch as well…….please…)

Ok now shift focus from the Delhi heat to the giggly girl gang….my group of 6 eternally single school friends……

I had this post ready to be put up any minute….but the theorist (a GGG member) broke the news to the world (errr…..the world being the massive 20 people who read this blog….10 of who are arm twisted into it) .... that it’s 1 down….. 5 to go…. Yup, the inevitable has happened. The first of the giggly girls was struck by the summer…her heart melted….she fell in love…and yesterday broke the news that she’s all set to tie the knot…

So Al dude, as the theorist calls him ……though I would’ve liked to call him the man from Far Far Away (Shrek 3 hangover!!!) had I put up the post first (hmph!) romantically proposed to Al Giggly (also christened by theorist in her post) and despite our constant training of “none of us can get married else the rest of us are in deep shit”….love got the better of her and she agreed!

So the phone calls poured in during peak office hours, excitement, drama, weight loss program discussions and once we’d closed topics like “hey do you have anything I can fit into for the wedding??”……. it hit us! Our families are going to be wild!

Lovely cousin was in town for the last couple of days. So she took it upon herself to break the news to my mom…..albeit without me asking her to do so!!! Hmph! So when I got home and tenderly approached the topic, what I got was “That’s excellent. The right thing to do. I’m glad she’s found someone. When will you settle down? Meet some nice boys? Before you know it, the entire GGG will be engaged, fats will be engaged, beanpole will be engaged…..” . Ok so I rolled on the floor laughing at the last 2 bits but when I recovered I reached out to my phone and realized the others had been smart and not told their families. LC, you’re in for a lot of trouble!!

Yes, this post will sound like another one of those wedding bells and wedding blues posts I keep putting up but this one had totally to be posted……to let Al dude know that the giggly girl gang truly welcomes the newest member and allows him to sweep our friend off her feet! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!! :) :)

(The rate at which it’s going, I should be changing the name of this blog from "keep talking" to “keep getting married”!)

Monday, June 04, 2007

Monday Morning Balles!

Balle Balle happened as Gujjars declared Delhi Bandh. So unlike my friends who got the day off last month in celebration of 150 years of the 1857 revolt (yes yes HSBC and the likes were actually shut), it was my turn to loll around in bed and laugh at them while they trotted to work. Working in Gurgaon does have its one off advantages! The over dramatic news sent my mom panicking and I was asked to stay put under my blanket and not to go out fight the traffic, and the mob, and the Delhi I happily obliged!

Ok so 6 hours later, now at 3pm, I'm bored stiff and it no longer seems like a great idea after all. There's nothing on TV. I've read some 40 blogs. Stuffed myself till I can't breathe. Slept enough to give Rip Van Winkle a complex. And the book I'm reading is it a point where the plot is just not moving. And that explains why I’m blogging about nothing at all…

The social life is back. Caught Pirates and Shrek 3 over the weekend. Neither too great. And went to attend my alumni meet! Ended up meeting the 5 people I meet up with in any case...... But it was kind of nice to see that people still looked like they've walked out of a surprise quiz, that they still look disheveled like they've woken up from an afternoon nap albeit in slightly better clothes, that they play exactly the same music they did in the arbit parties back on campus, and that you still disliked the same people you did years ago.

It was nice sitting around though and sharing the same old stories about the psychotic batchmates or the batty professors. The bulky hostel secretary who said his hobby was candle making....the bathroom singer who you could hear all the way from the academic block while he took a bath in the boys hostel....the woman who thought pink pajamas were the innest thing (and it may have been till she wore it!!)...the boy who hung the broomstick from people's doors and got chased down corridors after that....the first floor vs ground floor slipper throwing matches where you were often caught in the line of fire....and the delight at seeing the current batch knowing the steps your batch had started off to the tamil "gemini gemini" and declaring it the college that came about I’m not sure...but it was a pleasant surprise anyway.....

Told the boy it would be the first alumni meet where we don't exchange phone numbers and never call post that.............

Oh well, enough reminiscing. Have another couple of hours to kill till its time for Wonder Years.......and that would call for more reminiscing.......

Maybe I should change the name of the post to Reminiscing........hmmmmm.........