Friday, March 30, 2007

The City Girl and Mother Nature

Before I start, this hit counter is damn cool man! And addictive! I keep going to my blog page and seeing oh wow! One more hit. Then it hit me (I’m the queen of puns) that I’m the one who’s been visiting my page and running up the hits! Hmph!

Got a haircut this weekend. Thought it looked very cool. But am not sure how to read reactions like this
“Hey haircut!”
“Yeah ”
Now what was that reaction about? I mean really cool that you noticed my haircut but I didn’t quite get to hear a “nice” after that! So do you like it? Or is it so bad that you notice it but are polite enough to keep your opinion to yourself? Hmph anyway!

But that wasn’t quite the highlight of the week. The highlight was my Hrishikesh rafting trip, rechristened as the Zee-is-a-scary-poo trip!!!

I don’t think I’ve ever known how scared I am in life till this trip happened. I suffer from a disease called severe morbid thought provoker syndrome which I diagnosed at every step during the trip!
1. Fright of the bus toppling over when we went up the ghat road
2. Fright of me toppling over while trekking down to reach the camp
3. Fright of toppling into the river and getting washed away forever while rafting
4. Fright of crocodiles jumping through the water and chewing up my arm (Ok so this wasn’t such a big fright but I must confess the thought did cross my mind a couple of times)
5. Fright, that in the darkness of the night, the ghosts would decide to take a liking towards me for some vague reason, and decide to haunt me for life! Ok actually, I did think of the reasons too….that I was their lost lover from my previous life….that I was humming a song which they liked… that I was missing my boy and if their love story didn’t succeed they hate everyone who is not single (the downsides of not being single sigh sigh!)…..that I was the only one who was actually scared of them (this would be the pure evil ghosts who get sadistic pleasure of scaring poor little girls who are already scared of ghosts!)….and so on

But, on a serious note, there is nothing like the feeling of sitting by the river and just staring into space as the water sweetly gurgles by, the sun gently lightens up the hill tops, the soft, silky sand runs between your toes and the sensuous breeze strokes your face……..

And then there’s the feeling of sitting in the raft and you cursing yourself for being overweight and thinking you are the sole person to blame if the raft capsizes
……….the feeling of killing your arms while paddling through the water and cursing yourself that the first time you ever exercise in life is when your life depends on it!!
…….the feeling of the icy cold water numbing your body when you decide to jump off the raft in a moment of bravery later classified as a moment of stupidity, without knowing how to swim and you spend the next 1o secs gasping for breath and asking them to pull you out …….and get out to people laughing at you….you were wearing a life jacket, you know, you dweeb!!!
...........the feeling of the wave gushing over your face, you choking from the shower, yet enjoying the struggle, and the feeling of being able to conquer a rapid without the boat capsizing
…….the feeling of being soaked from head to toe in icy cold water and yet all you want to do is throw your head back and laugh……..

And the feeling of returning to the camp dirty as hell…. of avoiding the shower cause I’m shower phobic (long story… time)….of using the bio friendly loos and hating every minute of it….of nursing bruises and body ache and promising yourself that you’ll never do it again…

But as the bus descends the hills and you take one last look at the camp, you break that promise and the minute you’re back in signal area, you sms your friends fixing up a trip with them on the next long weekend you guys can take off……

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Holi Spirit...Amen!

What’s the most beautiful sound you’ve heard? Raindrops against your windowpane? The sweet sound of the waves brushing against the shore? The soft breeze playing with your hair? The sensuous bite into a bar of chocolate? Or even the alarm bell going off after a boring class? Here’s what I think is the most beautiful sound in the world… own voice!!!! (hahahaha you thought this was going to be a philosophical post huh? Who are we kidding? It’s me!!!!)

So the point of that was that I can’t stop talking. And I’ve heard that a LOT today. Yet I haven’t been “talking” enough on this blog!!!! And that’s cause the boy is currently, unfortunately at the receiving end of my tendency to offload details of every bit of my day and that, my dear people, saved you from the torture of me discussing trivial matters like my colleagues pink toenails with you!!!

But today I’ve decided to give him a break and unleash my ranting on this post….and as always I have these millions of things I want to write about but they’re totally unrelated topics so I don’t know how to start. I guess a good way to start would be to complete the holi post I was writing a few weeks back!!!

Ok so before I start off with my holi post I must tell you what a psycho I’ve become. The other day had gone down for my daily brownie (give us today…our daily brownie…and forgive the pounds…) and was flipping through a magazine on life underwater and saw this glistening prawn like fish and instead of thinking “Oh how pretty” I immediately thought “Oh how yummy”. Yes I’m a food freak. No longer just a freak. I’m a specialist in food freakiness!!!

Back to holi. Woke up to 9 “wish your life is filled with colour” (Check out the honesty man! I could’ve said 100 smses yet I honestly said 9…reflective of my true popularity! Sighhhhhhhh). Holi, btw, is no longer characterized by obvious bollywood nos such as “holi ke rang sab mil jaate hain” or the silsila song….but now songs like “do me a favour let’s play holi…” take over and u want to kill anu mallik for it…and “hum pe yeh kisne hara rang daala” and u want to kill vestige for thinking that one up….

But anyway, candyman had called us excitedly and said “friend’s friend’s party….very page 3….belly dancers and all….do u want to come?” Now why belly dancers would be incentive for me to go I don’t know but I decided to tag along anyway just to see what a page 3 party could mean

Spent a good 20 mins trying to figure out what to wear. Hang on…let me make things clear. It’s not cause my wardrobe is full of fancy clothes which I don’t want to spoil with colours….it’s cause my wardrobe is overflowing with clothes one worse than the others that I don’t know which ones to start destroying first. So finally decided to put on some ill fitting (just like the rest of my clothes) trousers and a T that reached my knees.

Then began my hunt for hair oil. I haven’t oiled my hair in years now…for 2 reasons. One it reminds me of the time when I had long hair (way back in school) and of traumatic times when I would oil my hair to untangle it after a nasty hairwash. And two, cause I haven’t quite found a shampoo that completely washes away the oil (Why oh why would you be interested in knowing that). So anyway, finally found a parachute bottle and realized it was frozen. So I dug out these blobs of frozen oil and just placed it on my head. And then it took me hours to massage the blobs into my hair as it looked…err…. quite gross……

Finally turn up at this page 3 party thinking I would see some celebs but I had a tough time recognizing my own friends so gave up on trying to see through the shades of black and blue….and decided whoever was talking to me despite my bright, ugly pink face would be a friend of mine so just hung out with a bunch of extremely scary looking people with extremely shiny white teeth!!!

Anyway, I have to run now and I don’t want another half written post lying around so am putting this up anyway!
Current most hated song: Sajna di vaari vaari

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

The Warm Up Post

Ok ok, so I did the disappearing act again! Don’t nag. The cynic and the vestige already gave me quite a mouthful on how I have disappeared from the…..err…. life horizon. Though I think they’ve only missed me when they’ve had to pay double the entry as stags and didn’t have the charming young lady (read me) to accompany them and share the expenses

So lots of things been happening. Read between the lines baby! :)

1. I have stopped partying. Sorry orange room/climax/buzz. I have discovered life beyond dancing to “ek gillassi do gillassi teen gillassi chaarrrrrr”….. So been getting home by midnight on Saturday nights like a good Cinderella woman.

2. The frequency of hanging out outside Barista and staring into space and cracking nonsensical jokes with the boys has reduced, the result of which is that I’m much more ladylike (I even wear dangling earrings!!! And have been known to blush off late!!!) Ok, I must confess that I still do abuse like a sailor (beanpole terminology) when unleashed on MG road every morning but old habits die hard

3. Been working like a dog!!! (Am not sure why people use that phrase. Dogs don’t work hard. Horses work and cattle work but what work do dogs do??). Past 2 weeks I reached office at 8 (which means waking up at some godforsaken hour…read 7am) and returning home after all K serials finish (yipieeeee) read 9:30pm. But it got me thinking of an employee policy which I implore HR managers to implement….that people be allowed to reach office in their night suits if they have to reach office at anytime before 9…….Ok on second thoughts, while writing this down, I realized I don’t quite fancy seeing a lot of my colleagues in their nightsuits….so drop the idea….

4. Have had no giggly girl outings. Hence been very plugged out of gossip, fashion and how fat I look.

5. Had an awesome holi (thanks candyman for the invite)!!! Went for a friend’s friend’s friend’s party (Awesome huh how we invite ourselves to such things shamelessly!) But this is just a warm up post so will dedicate the holi happenings in my next post in detail in the next couple of days

6. Attended yet another wedding. Felt yet older. Felt weepy seeing my friend dressed as a bride. Felt weepier cause I lost another friend who’s name I could quote to my mum whenever the that-that-cannot-be-named topic came up “ABC’s not married!!!!” It now leaves a grand total of 2 from a whooping 15 people I knew in college who are not yet married!

7. Lost my single status. :) Hot boy asked me out. Said yes. So am single no more!! Yipieeeeeeeeeee. Ok now try not to die of shock…..and no violent reactions please!

Till the next post….Meow pussycats!

Shit! It’s 2:30am!!!

PS- something is seriously wrong with me. I’m actually foot tapping to psychotic music like “Fergilicious def….fergilicious def…fergilicious def def def def def def…” Someone kill Fergi!!!!