Friday, January 30, 2009

The Most Expensive Jam Ever!

Have you ever had a jam worth Rs 3,000? Well, you're lucky. Cause I will be doing that soon!

How a 30 buck jam became a 3K one is a story so not worth telling. But to put it briefly, here I was carrying guava jelly jam in my handbag and the security at the airport asked me to take it out. With a sinking heart I pulled the jam out and was then told that this supreme sacrifice was not needed and I could just check my bag in. Silly me!

With a skip in my step I went back to the counter and checked it all in, including having a fragile sticker put on it and ran back to the security...only to be told my flight had taken off without me!!

What's more is that I was told the next flight out of Chennai was 7 hours later but since I'm creating such a scene I could buy myself a ticket on Indian Airlines for only 3K extra! And so I paid 3K for a bottle of jam!

Yes, I received many calls when I returned to Delhi most of which went...- hahahahahaha! You and your love for food!

But the larger question remains.....WHY ME??????????????????????

Friday, January 16, 2009

Matlab ki....all and sundry!

Before I start, since this is the first post for the year- HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!
Ok Fine. So a bit late. But it's still Jan so it counts ok!

And now for all the junk! :D :D

Well to start with, I got this great haircut! A hundred people stopped me in the office corridors to say "Hey Zee. Nice haircut!".
I hadn't even finished basking in the glory when the hairwash happened and off came the blow dry!
"Oh my God Zee! What happened to your hair?"
Or worse.
"OH MY GOD! What have you done?"
Yes for some reason people believe I do these things to myself! I like to look like fluffy cat! Hmph!

Have you noticed how integral Facebook has become to our lives?

It's no longer "Smile for the camera". It's "Smile for Facebook"

Everytime you look at a picture you evaluate it. Is this worth making my facebook profile picture? Is this ok for my aunt in Timbuktoo to see?

A significant part of your life is also being spent in palpitating about a childhood picture your schoolmate could tag you on and the world would know what a vague looking child you were!

And of course there's the small world phenomena. "Hey I know you. Aren't you A's friend? I've seen you on his list. I'm A's friend's girlfriend's friend's fiance. What a small world I tell you!"

But of course now nobody says good bye. They say- Are you on Facebook? And that's pretty cool actually! :)

I hate socialising! Period.

Me to the 4 yr old niece
"What's up?"
"Why not?"
"Because I don't know what that means!"

Squeeky shoes suck! My nice brown shoes are warm and comfortable but I end up trying to tip toe through the day in office and even the tip toeing makes this horrible squeeky sound. Aaaaarghhhhh!

I can also see thought bubbles going up in office. "God! The heels are really revolting under all her weight!" (Now come on! You didn't think I could start the year without cribbing about my weight?)

And now an ode to my Squeeky shoes!
Squeeky shoes squeeky shoes
Why am I wearing you
Squeeky shoes Squeeky shoes
It's all your fault!
(PS 'squeeky' is a bloody tough word to type!)

I've decided to write a book. Not for publishing and stuff but as a family heirloom....errr heirbook! The only issue is I've started about four of them but they're all in my head!

And with that, I'm out. Farhan Akhtar is on air....and in my heart.....sigh!