Thursday, July 26, 2007

Perfect Mornings......vs Mine

I wake up to the rustling of leaves and birds chirping....
I wake up to the hammering in the wall thanks to the construction work going on next door... lazily stretch out and feel the fresh air.... jump out of bed........Shit I'm late again!

I open my cupboard to breathe in the freshly starched clothes
"Mom! Is there anything clean I can wear?"

I sink into the bath tub to treat myself to an aromatic lazy bath
The shower gel's run out. The shampoo's run out......Oh crap! The water's run out!

...and gently massage my face with a creamy moisturiser...
...Another F-ing pimple! Dammit!

I sink my teeth into a soft croissant with oozing butter teasing my tongue
"Is this bread toasted?". "No". "Why is it so hard?". "It's 3 days old". Silence. "Can I have some butter?". "No. It's fattening for you"

I let the aroma of coffee take over my senses
I gag on my cup of milk

And I walk down to my sparkling car
That's bird shit on my bonnet again

And head out for a smooth, pleasant drive to office
"*&%%#* you're the one who can't see where you're going"

I walk into office to pleasant greetings
"Out of my way!" "You're late again!"

I turn on my sleek laptop in my cabin
I leap over cardboard boxes to reach my side of the cubicle and turn on my dilapidated desktop... find a picture of a loved one smiling at me find this picture I'd put up on my desktop in one of my smart alec moods....which doesn't seem quite smart anymore!!!

Why do I do this to myself? Sigh...........

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Tag of War

Got tagged by Bullshee. At least it put my brain cells to some sort of work. So here's 8 things/people I'm grateful to

1. My family...for finding inventive ways of waking me up in time for office everyday. Whether it's my mom waking me up with horror stories of how we're not getting water in our area AGAIN or my dog who wants my cheek to check how wet his nose feels today or my sister who teaches my niece to exercise lung power by yelling "Khala....Wake up!!!"...I thank you all

2. The toothbrush.....for just existing and ensuring that I do have a social life after all

3. Alcoholic shots....for being the only reason any one has ever told me I look beautiful

4. The car....if it wasn't for you, I would've walked to E block market which is precisely 20 meters from my gate and actually shed some of the excess weight....wouldn't want a situation when I'm actually thin would we?

5. My company's IT system...Thanks for ensuring I can sleep another 30 mins after reaching office by ensuring I get the slowest comp in the world which takes long enough to flash my mailbox

6. LC and Timster....for teaching me the art of being able to hold a one way conversation for a min of 40 min and allowing the other person to pipe in a "hmmm" exactly twice in the midst of this exercise. (I have been at the receiving end many many times)

7. Ekta Kapoor....For truly being appreciative of my eyesight and giving me reason to turn off the television

8. Mandy Miller....For introducing me to the world of Harry Potter....and then giving it up herself!

9. Om Book store....For selling books at twice the price available everywhere else and then laughing at my expense (pun intended)

10. Benetton....For repeatedly encouraging me to lose weight by making sure they make nothing in my size

Ok so overshot that by 2 but I am like this only! Passing on the tag to Nutty, Kolly, Ruchi and anyone else who's name ends in a phonetic "ee"

Have just returned from a weekend in Pondicherry. So worth blogging (if only a post dedicated to the annoying driver we took) but too late in the night to do it till next time....

Thursday, July 05, 2007

A mouthful

RT forwarded this and Bo suggested I share it with the blog world........and I agree!!! Very very shareable!