Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Rang De Basanti at the Oscars...

Really really a cool movie after a long time...... as in a real youth movie (though i technicially don't qualify as youth as per my company's target definition) but i thought it was a good one after dil chahta hai....
DCH of course was it's own league, something u identify with ......this one a bit more dramatic but still so real, still so so cool!
What i like the most about the movie is not the story, not the patriotism (though all of that is nice and all), it's actually the realness of characters! Like u look at that characters and that's just so what ur friends would say, or what your friends would do, or just what your friends would wear!
And it's beautiful how everyone has a distinct character....the typical cool guy (someone each of us wud know) with the dark glasses and torn jacket, the funny guy who'll wear these bright coloured T shirts and have this silly smile on all the time, the serious guy, the mad girl who hangs out with the guys...... I luv the way each one of them have been just so brought to life....... maybe it's the script, maybe it's the casting, maybe it's the acting......They all look so real! In fact, at the risk of saying this, aamir khan's character was actually the most commercial ....... think the others were so down to earth and real that he was quite lost in it all....
Here are a couple of scenes I really loved...
- the closing scene when they just appear in the field and are walking off laughing....
- the scene in the song where aamir khan is thrown off by the giant and everyone jumps in to beat up the giant
- and the amazing india gate scene! That was just about the best shot scene ever!!
I'm not saying rang de basanti shud win the oscar or shudn't, but it was just a really, really good watch........

Friday, September 22, 2006


Quite feel like this today.......

"When you try your best but you don't succeed
When you get what you want but not what you need
When you feel so tired but you can't sleep
Stuck in reverse......"
Cold Play, Fix You

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

I wish....

I wish...

....That i could actually wake up in the morning feeling that my sleep is satiated
....That i could sink into a warm, aromatic bath on a cold winter day and have a gallery of nice smelling shower gels to choose from
....That all i would need to do is run a brush through my hair and it would come out looking like a fresh blow dry
....That i could work at my convenience, 3 days a week, 4 hours a day and get paid like the CEO of a multi national!
....That i could drive around in the poshest car and never have to worry about parking
....That the radio would only play music i like minus any adverts, minus any RJs
....That i could sock my annoying colleagues everytime they got on my nerves without losing my job
...That i could turn in submissions much before deadlines and yet not die in the process
...That i could be served creamy pasta for lunch everyday topped with a chocolate cake and ice cream dessert without ever putting on weight!
....That i could open my cupboard and find a trunk full of unread archies
....That i could walk into any branded clothes outlet and fit into their smallest size
...That i could travel the world with a whole bunch of friends....so i guess i wish all my friends would get as much leave as me and we'd have pots of money
....That i could have this lovely, caring boyfriend, who's a die hard romantic, makes interesting conversation, is hot hot hot and can disappear when i want to spend time with my friends
....That i could sit by the beach and watch the sunset with someone strumming the guitar in the background

Sunday, September 03, 2006


So how do u start ur day? Bed tea? The newspaper? How many of us wake up and put on some music? Am assuming a lot of us....and it's the type of music we listen to that defines our day!
I don't quite have the luxury to reach out for the CD system and choose my music every morning (either i don't have the luxury or i'm plain lazy ), so i simply start my day by turning on the radio! And i mean the 102.6 types since that's the only one which plays good english music in the morning.....Can't imagine starting my day with kaala chashma!
To me, the perfect start to a day is when i wake up to music i luv so much, that i sing out loud with toothpaste in my mouth, or when I do a little dance while ironing my clothes, or when i sit in my car and don't mind the 1 hour drive to gurgaon, or when i can leave the wheel to air guitar while driving (and most of us who air guitar haven't touched a guitar in our life!)
You know the music is good when you're on your way to work and you're late yet u drive slowly and stay in the slowest moving lane just so that you can finish your favourite song..... or when you've had a horrid day and are dying to get home and sink into bed with the remote, if they decide to play U2, u decide to not turn into your lane and decide to take a round of the colony instead!
Music does so much to u....it takes u back in time when u'd heard the song with someone..or makes u laugh coz u remember someone singing the same song off tune..... or simply tranfers u mentally to the dance floor of some club u'd visited...
And no matter how hammered you get at work, if you've started ur day with music, you know that while ur boss is screaming his head off, u're still silently singing and dancing in your head to "That thing u do"