Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Who am I!

Like seriously, does nobody know me????

In one of those randomly boring days, I decided to create a Facebook quiz- How well do you know Zee? 19 of my friends took it. And the average score was like some 14%!!!! Including my boyfriend's! Which means only 1 correct answer out of 7!! That sucks!

And so this blog to tell you a bit of what you need to know to really know Zee!

1. At a party, what would I definitely be doing?
- Yapping away
- Piggin out
- Worrying about who's dropping me home
So my blog is 'Keep Talking' but I'm a very shy person ok! I don't yap away all evening. Or at least that's how I see it. And while pigging out is definitely a part of my personality, I wouldn't start the quiz with my food-a-holic-ism. (What a word!) I'm just worrying about how to get home! I swear get nightmares about this. That I'm out and it's 4am and I'm panicking that my mum is going to throw me out of the house. This is a serious issue. Hope all you home droppers appreciate it!

2. What would I secretly like to be for a day?
- Witch
- Traffic Policeman
- Lead actress in a K serial
Correct answer: A witch! I want to have the ability to be able to make people fly out of their cars if they overtake me, to trip people who're pissing me off and to turn off the air conditioning without getting up (yes, I don't have a fancy remote control AC as you may have noticed).
Most of my friends thought I'd like to be a lead actress in a K serial. Correction. I want to write a K serial, not act in it.

3. What did I want to be when I was little?
- Teacher
- Doctor
- Too lazy to do anything
Correct answer- doctor. I have this uncle who I adored as a child and wanted to be just like him.... minus the mustache. And he was a doctor. So there...

The only thing most people got right was the fact that my favourite part of the day is the evening snack! And they didn't know my favourite cuisine was continental!!

Can someone please pay closer attention to me?!!!!

Thursday, June 04, 2009

Presence of Mind?

Someone did a tag cloud for my blog and the topic on which I write most frequently turned out to be- My Car! Which could be true cause I spend a good 2 hours in my car everyday.......

Anyway, keeping this short and sweet.

Everyday, I come across at least one person on the road who totally pisses me off. And yesterday was the same. I wanted to turn right and there was a car full of men who wanted to go straight but were in the wrong lane. And decided since it was a girl (yes I'm still a girl, not a woman and I intend to address myself that way for a long, long time to come), they laughed at me and went straight and had the audacity to turn back and give me a nice, big grin.

My anger came shooting up. My face was red, my lips were pursed and a perfectly menacing scowl was on my face. That was it! I was going to show them my middle finger! I lift my hand, abuse under my breath and lift my finger.......and then realise it's the wrong finger....the thumb.....I was giving that bunch of chauvanists a thumbs up sign!!!!!!!

There is a serious coordination issue with the hand and the brain.

Hence Proven. I'm slow!