Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Politics and more.....

Am not someone who keeps up with politics and am usually just impressed with myself if I can guess the vice president's name correctly. Shameful I know.....

But yesterday with all the hype built around the confidence motion, I actually got hooked on to it and watched the drama unfold at least the last couple of hours of the vote!!!

It's amazing how out of place all the celebs like Govinda and Sidhu looked in the whole situation...and it felt so good to see young faces in the lot! My mum even told me how many ministers had come out of jail just for this voting. What a country huh! Totally love it!

Aaj Tak was having a ball with all this drama. Their headlines read "Aage kya hoga Rama Re" when the counting was in progress (I for one seem to have heard that song after a zillion years!) and then "Singh is King" when Manmohan Singh won!!! Good God!!! Who is their....scriptwriter!!!

On a side note....Rahul Gandhi is so cute! :) :) :)

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Jaane tuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

Surprisingly did not know jaane tu jaane na was an old hindi song!!!! And definitely not one worth naming an entire movie after! I mean, dilwale dulhaniya le jayenge...yes...kashmir ki kali...yes....but this song I hadn't even heard of! And strangely have been humming it all day!!!

People kept saying how the movie takes you back to your college days but it didn't for me. In fact I ended up feeling very, very old! :( I mean, the cast visibly looked younger than me, dressed younger than me and used lingo...which was well, different! Thinking back, there were no real college movies when I was....errr...younger! Shady Akshay Kumar-Ayesha Jhulka movies with funny hairdos and embarrassing fitted jeans don't count (Akshay Kumar wasn't as cool as he is now...Singh is King Singh is King..) and Dil Chahta Hai wasn't quite college....hmmm...

Anyway, next topic! When I thought of writing this post I thought I would call it Tale of Two Cities. That's cause I've just returned from Pune and Chennai.

And now Tale of Two Cities reminds me of school, when the book was included as a part of our course and there was this description of Madam Defarge- a massive lady picking her teeth! What I remember was how this classmate was asked to describe Madam Defarge as a part of some test and she said that Madam Defarge was large and her tooth had fallen out so she was picking it up!!!!!!! Angrezi I tell you!

And now back to the college topic, I spoke to two friends of mine from college today....after ages!!!!!! One of them is married and the other married one called to give us "good news"!!! So I put us all on conference and we spent a good 20 mins just giggling!!! We discussed how one of my closest friends has just had her second baby and how another friend who was the baby of the group also now has a baby of his own....And here was me...........and let's leave it at that!!!

Ok back to the tale of two cities (arrrrrghhhhhhh! All my thoughts are so mixed up!!)....had a blast! Met Candyman and though he's taken his car to Pune, he knows no routes at all!!!!! But it was a fun evening topped with great food and a very cold auto ride when he finally gave up trying to figure out routes!!!

And then I went to Chennai (almost like my second home now!) and spent 2 days packed with helping the boy get a new phone (I can finally hear him without having to push my cell to the bottom of my eardrums....err....there must be a bottom to the ear drums??) and then we went to Fisherman's Cove and OH MY GOD it is so sooooooooo gorgeous! Of course I spent a good part of that evening telling him I felt the water was receding and how a Tsunami was round the corner and then later how the waves are now too close to us and we'd get washed away (ok...there was some 100 miles of sand between us and the sea...ocean....bay??? Whatever!). (PS- I hate punctuations! Esp in and around brackets!)

And then I travelled Business Class!!!!!!!!! Yabadabadoooooooo!!! They have larger seats (of course), ask you what you'd like to eat from a fancy menu beforehand (the grilled chicken was yummmmmm) and even ask you whether they can lay the table for you (which basically means laying out a napkin and placing the tray on it but what the hell)!! So I felt all happy and important!! I must confess I was rather queasy before the flight but knowing this business class experience would be once in a lifetime and this queasiness would mean I would have to forego the yummy food, I popped in 2 domstals and was all set for the journey!!! I didn't even clutch the seat too hard in fright when the plane took off!

Ok now that I'm done pouring out my excitement, I'm off. Boy am I in a good mood!!!! :)

Jaane tuuuuuuuuu ya jaane naaaaaaaaaaaaa.............

Friday, July 11, 2008

Had to do this!

Sitting in Pune Airport!!! Blogging!!! There's a joy to be able to connect wirelessly!!!!
A plane just flew past the window! And now they're announcing boarding so toodles!

Sunday, July 06, 2008

Down with Viral and All that Jazz!

It's like class 9 all over again. Every infection that does the rounds in Delhi, somehow feels incomplete unless it attacks me! That's what happened in class 9 when I did rounds of viral, conjunctivitis, chicken pox....and by the time the plague hit Delhi, my family was all set to welcome it into our home. It didn't help my dog developed a fascination for rats that year....he'd been around so many cats he probably began to feel like one!

Anyway, it's the same now....some 14 years later....after a round of flu, back sprain, it's the turn of a viral now though much needed to get time off on a working Saturday! The only problem being that even though you do get the weekend off, you pretty much waste it popping in pills and getting ice-sponged. I must confess my first most thought was that if I fainted (I was running a 104 temperature!), I'd better not hurl any abuses at anyone and scandalise my mum!

Well in any case, the viral was a dampner on what seemed to be a pretty good going on Mission Revival of Zee Social embarked a couple of weeks ago! I've caught 2 plays (both simply hilarious), 2 evenings of board games, 1 evening of karaoke croaking (in the safety of someone's home) and ....drum rolls please.... I even went dancing!!!! R, we missed you very, very, very much!!!!!!

It's like the world hasn't changed in the 1 and a half yrs I've been off partying. Girls in skimpy clothes (really...I only thought that was in the movies!), boys trying to get a date and all the oldies (read us) pretending to like the hip hop music and then trying not to yell too hard on finally hearing something familiar- Madonna Like a Prayer?? Ok so it wasn't so bad...

But there came the virus....putting a full stop on my mission...and I'm back to vegetating in front of the TV watching Hero no 1 on one channel and watching Jaane tu na trailors on every other channel!!! Btw, Aamir Khan in QSQT really reminds me of my boy...I sure hope as hell I don't remind me of Juhi Chawla (what was with those disgusting coloured lehngas??)

Anyway, got to run now. A friend of mine on a chat window's telling me she went for a Jagjit Singh concert and loved it...I'm telling her I find him highly depressing....and now she's telling me his voice is I'm off to gag and take her trip about it!