Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Top 3 things to look forward to tomorrow
1. Presents
2. Day off from diet- Translation: Digging into the chocolate brownie cake
3. Phone calls from people who don't call anymore

Top 3 Things to NOT look forward to tomorrow
1. Lack of presents cause I'm too old for them
2. Cake burning down due to the fire caused by the candles
3. Phone calls from people who laugh at me and say "HAHAHAHA!!! You're 27!!!!"



Bullshee said...

Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Brithday to you!
You look like a

Just Happy Birthday Zee!!!

And yaaaaaahhooooo...I'm first to wish you on your blog!!Whoop!whoop!whoop!

Strider said...

Happy birthday!!! :)

have a great day tomo!!

Di said...

Yapppppppy Birthday ...!!! and i think 27 is super cool..sachhiii :))
Have a terrific year ahead dear :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Zee, Happy Birthday... have a great year ...

Still searching said...

At the time I'm commenting right now, its already 13th in India, so I'm RIGHT on time!! :) Wishing you a very very happy birthday, have a blast, and keep some yummy cake for me till we meet again!!! The menu soungs gooood... too bad I'm missing it! :(

And yeah, HAHA, you're 27!! (Keep in mind, so am I, so this is NOT bitchy!! Hehehhe)

Still searching said...

huh?!! 27 is cool?!! pls explain this enthusiasm for 27?!! It sucks! Lemme tell u that! :))

nutty said...

there is abs nothing wrong with being 27!!! Its a good age to be!

Happy Birthday!!!! More cake to you!


Adarsh said...

Happy Birthday to you...
Happy Birthday to you....
Happy Biiirrrrthday to dear Zeeeeeee
Happy Birthday to you...

I know its lame but a birthday without a birthday song.... kabhi nahin

cake to nahin jalaa naa :P
Badhti raho (pun not intended :D)

APOO said...

YOU are 27???? HAHAHAHA! :P

Have an awesome buddae!

rebel said...

Happy B day! And you are only 27! Thats young :)

Now, where's the chocolate cake???

Anonymous said...

Happy b'day babe:) May the oncoming year rock and hope you have a blast ushering the next year in :)

All of 27? Sheesh, you are still a kid (and am turning 28 in a few days, therefore!)

- Cuckoo

arpana said...

Haaaaaaaaapppppppppppppppyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy Budddaayyyyyy!!!!!!!

IR said...

happy bday zeeeee, may you continue to be as funny as you are know !

chocolate cake sounds great , can i have some :)

praveen said...

happy birthday.... :D

Anonymous said...

lovely cousin
happy birthday
read thru ur last few blogs!
dont burn down vv!
have a blast! pig out~
oh yaaaaaa and btw u got me into 1. drawing those figurines..i imagine i bullied u into teaching me how!
2. writing those stories which begin passionately and end up nowehre! yes you can have all the credit!!


Bhel Puri & Seekh Kabab said...

Happy Birthday Zee - hope you only read this tomorrow since you are out having a good time tonight

27, eh?
Jaane kahan gaye woh din...


JollyRoger said...

Happy Birthday to you...

Liquid Oxygen said...

Statistics show that birthdays are good for you,
more you have, longer you live!

Huppy Budday! :)


Anonymous said...

Belated Happy Birthday!!!

Hope u had a gr8 day....Have a wonderful yr ahead!

sunblueskies said...

ha ha ha!!! 27??? :D

OHHH wait....!!! only 27??? :)

Happy Birthday Z! So you'll be 28 next year. and 29 the next... hmmmm....27.....hmmm..........

mathew said... late.. :-(
still wishing you a great birthday..happy growing older and hopefully wiser.. ;-P

*~ Mayth!!~* said...

If you're day is what I thought it was, Happppy Birthday :)


nasia said...

belated happy birthday!.. :).. hope u had fun.. and got lot of presents.. u r jst 27.. look at hw much u earn.. :)..

maverick said...

so caught u at d right time :) Happy Birthday!

Cool said...

awaiting b'day party stories!!!

Nice New Guy said...

My present is a couple of days late.

New post.

Belated Happy Birthday, as they say. :)