Wednesday, November 07, 2007

The Theory of "Relative"ity

Are you seriously not sick of watching the Sawariya and Om Shanti Om ads? Aren't you sick of watching Ranbir Kapoor prancing about in a lousy towel while Sonam Kapoor is running around with a tent trailing behind her?And isn't SRK's dard-e-disco already giving you a dard-e-sar (read headache)?

Well whatever it is, winter in Delhi seems to have taken a leaf out of the whole teaser game and has been giving us a glimpse of herself since the past one month without actually settling in. That is, till yesterday when I started shivering and got under my blanket and snoozed off....only to be woken up at 8 and to be told that we have a family function to attend!!!

Now family functions are entertaining. You have all extended family, all their children and grandchildren and lots of chaos. The elders spend most the evening trying to showcase their illnesses and there is general joy in being the illest of them all. Most of the young girls flaunt their newly lost weight and spend their evening checking out every other girl who walks in. Most of the young guys.....I'm not sure what they do cause being a young girl I'm not usually allowed to partake in whatever conversations they like to have minus young girls. And the toddlers spend their time doing cartwheels right in the middle of the hall!

So yesterday we went off for a second cousin's daughter's.....errr....birth celebration?? And were engulfed by many ailing aunts with eye trouble and uncles with knee trouble!

Entertainment at such gatherings is never really a problem. Be it one of the aunts who would come up to my mum and says "Aapa, when you were complimenting my earrings, was I wearing one or two?" A much pleasurable treasure hunt followed

Or be it the aunt who refused to touch the Gulab Jamuns becauce they were too hot. Finally told her the gulab jamuns had cooled down and she had a go at it. And then when someone asked her how they were she says dismissively, "They're nice but they're not hot"!!! Try pleasing her huh!

Good byes at such gatherings also take ages to get over with. Sometimes when I'm in a hurry, the minute we're done with the hello's we start saying the good byes.....

Anyway, am completing this post from my office (my employer must love me) so before someone figures out I have this blog....adious amigos!


Adarsh said...

this is fast... hai na :P
its been loooonngggg since I attended a happy family gathering. And to tell the truth... i really don't like them. Having to sport a plastic smile and say hello to all and sundry... not me.

Anurag said...

family gathering...esp when u dont live where the rest of ur family n extended family does...can be a pain
coz again n again u have to keep answering the same are is everything back in is the weather in ahmedabad...etc etc etc
n then comes the oh so formal invitations for dinner n lunch...since u r here for just a week n wont be here for 3-4 months, u MUST come home for dinner/lunch
i smile n turn n look for help towards ma

i for one am not a very family gathering person :o)

Ekta said...

ooh well what u said is soo gatherings really are entertaining!!

Strider said...

To the questions in the first part of the post.. YES I AM!
And my gut feeling says both of them will be duds!

equilibrium said...

You like attending family functions? I look for reasons to avoid one!

Yeah man, looks like OSO is on MTV 24 hours! And Saawariya is on Sony all day long...and not to forget the radio.

Still searching said...

aha! glad to see you are able to utilize your new office time well too! :)

lol! yes i've met ladies likethat too.. they go to weddings etc and complain about the food, even if there are like a 100 dishes on display! ridiculous!

and yes, aching pains are a favourite topic.. and i've become so good at looking sympathetic and nodding my head and saying "kuch lete kyon nahin"! lol

i changed my post script to "going home" :)

IR said...

oso vs sawariya over kill may be, but i think that sonam kapoor is such a refreshing change from the other clevage bearing bollywood heroines who leave nothing to imagination.

Sreejith said...

exactly! someone please drape that Ranbir fellow or he will beat Mallika Sherawat! ah well.. family functions are good when done occasionally. Great chance to meet everyone at the same place and have a few laughs :)

nasia said...

yes i m fed up of saawariya ads.. I AM!!

Bhel Puri & Seekh Kabab said...

LOL - as far as illnesses go, don't forget the assorted back aches.

By the time you finish listening to the different kinds of backaches - neck aches, upper back, lower back- from different people, you can get an anatomy lesson on how many vertebrae there are in a human body. Also what they are called - L1, L2, etc.


Rahul... in City of Dreamz said...

Check that out. . Blogging in office! Well atleast i have company now :). . Yeah you know what. . I am being subject to similar family gatherings these days. .. Real torture i tell ya! Btw. . Really liked the gulab jamun antedote. . Some people are impossible to please eh?

JollyRoger said...

Been ages since my last family get together! Miss them a little.

These two hindi movies have been hyped so much that we need a new word for hype.

Nim said...

"Most of the young guys.....I'm not sure what they do cause being a young girl ..."

did u just call urself a young girl...?!?!?!?...

hahahahahahahahahaHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA... hahahahahahHAHAHHA..

CM-Chap said...

Ha Ha... Zee I'm reading ur blog sitting n office (My employer should also love me)... let me comment b4 some1 figuresout I spend time on reading blogs.

Family gatherings... Whay guys talk? absolutely nothg more than usual... Happening places, hot girls, New Angels... Thats it

Di said...

arre...tell me about it...i love family, alll of them too....but the gatherings sometimes turn out to be the perfect setting for a health center than that for celebrations...sigh! to think in a few years we'll b the ones doing the complaining ;)

nutty said...

sigh! I wish I was home :(

Anshul said...

you missed a great one last night; there were 12 of us at one time; wrapped up at 1 am; too much fun.

mathew said...

hahahaa..but seriously a little bit of raw nerves actually make life colorful..every family has someone of the sorts you or hate cant simply avoid em..;-P

Zee said...

adarsh...ya man....ur cheeks actually start hurting

anurag....i didn't face that trouble....when i'd come back from the hostel people would point at me and say "bhubaneswar? hahahaha"


strider....u were right!!

equi...well it gives u a reason to laugh!

still searching....CALL ME!!!

ir....hmmm...agree with u....though let's see how long that lasts

sreejith...apparently what we see on tv is a "censored" version of the song!! too! me too!


rahul....they sure are! abt "sawariya"?

nim...hmph hmph hmph hmph!

Zee said... angels???? hmmmmm

di...didn't think of that! thank god i'm not a doctor though

nutty....awwwwwwwwwwwww me!!!

matthew...and they make life colourful don't they!

Standbymind said...

They are entertaining for sure...
see u gat a whole damn post about it!

cheers to all relatives..uncles ..aunts and foood!

Candid Confessions said...

Dard- e - Disco! And to say that I watched in a theatre here! Pain of disco that it was!

Bullshee said...

Not fairrrrrrrrr!!!

I was gonna write up on family gatherings! you beat me to it!!! i'll be the one who copied zee's idea! oh well.....i'm writing it anyway!!

this was spot on by the way!

sirpy said...

Young girls check other girls aa...? What are the girls coming to nowadays.. Poor guys..

Btw, OSO is one of the best parodies I ve seen in quite some time. Recommend a re-watch if you did not think it was not a spoof. :)

anN-series said...

picture this- ppl come to a roka or sagai, young girls flaunting themselves in front of prospective mother-in-laws, young men looking like studs checking out the the end of all the week long wedding celebrations, another wedding is fixed right there...and so and so forth the cycle continues.....

That Armchair Philosopher said...

hello hello after eons! I'd fallen off the face of the earth, it looks like - but I'm baaack! :)

To tie up some lose ends:
- Saawariya - ick
- OSO - not bad
- Dard e Disco - pffft
- Delhi winter - oh so nice
- office blogging - fun fun fun :)