Tuesday, April 08, 2008


Its like the angels above have unleashed their fury! I was clearly the laughing stock of all in and around CP today.....again....because...take a guess....I broke my shoe! AGAIN! No let me not edit the details.

You see, after the last shoe breaking episode, there was yet another shoe breaking episode, thankfully this time in office and so I walked around with a stapled strap the entire day. That was one week ago. And today, a third episode broke!!!

I wore a new pair of shoes this morning, which belong to my mum, and was complaining about how the strap is hurting me. These shoes are extremely fashionable you see. Two straps criss cross each other and then end up in a third strap which is buckled around the ankle (only a woman can describe a goddamn shoe in so much detail!). So half way down the walk to office, one strap gave way. I was inches away from the cobbler but some sort of strange pride took over me and I decided not to let him laugh at my expense again. Visions of him saying "You're the same madam who was walking barefoot last week? Can't you find yourself good quality shoes you cheapskate" and then the guards guffawing and pointing to my broken shoe, snapped (pun intended) me back to reality and I decided to give him a miss. After all, the office building was only 10 steps away.

5 steps down, the other strap decides to die out on me as well. With all my pride I walk into the building with the sole flying all over the place and making embarrassing clip clop sounds in the quiet lift lobby. A hundred faces turn to look at the noisemaker. 75 of them snicker immediately. 25 look down in disgust at my state. Gathering all my pride I walk into the lift and clamber into my office and am currently sitting barefoot with my feet on my chair!

Oh well, at least I have a chair today. Being a start up, we have limited seating now in our office. But I realised only yesterday how limited is limited when we had 4 visitors in our office and to accommodate them, our chairs were pulled into the meeting room....leaving me sitting on a floor for part of the day and seeing me perched on my table for the remaining! Exaggerating? Wish I was...

Am actually looking forward to the office shifting to Gurgaon now (even though the new office is more like in Jaipur than in Gurgaon!) but at least I'll have a chair to sit on! The scary part is that being a start up, I was one of the people who's expertise was called upon to decide on what furniture and what flooring and what board colours should be used in the office....my expertise because I fit the "young, female" criteria (I quote them ok!)....So here I was looking at what seemed to be the same shade of green though they swore it wasn't....I finally pointed my finger at the 3rd green in the bunch because....well because 3 sounds like a good number??? For those who don't know it, I have absolutely no sense of colour or design and my room is a dumpyard (trust me!) minus one discarded mattress which has a discarded saree wrapped around it!

Anyway, before I sign out....found out yesterday that someone from the blogger world, who's blog I follow off and on, is coming in as my boss! This is one hell of a small world....and not a happy one at that!

Update: 24 hours later: Wednesday morning in office: Broke my shoe AGAIN!!!!!!

Plea to God now: Heel the world, make it a better place


CM-Chap said...

Ha Ha.. No Zee.. Not again. Poor you.

Boss Blog.. Now u can do bashing thru blog :-)

Yeah 3 is a good number -- Bcoz this handsome CM-Chap born on 3rd

BTW, u shifted again to a new job? I mean u shifted frm that 7 day working company?

Adarsh said...

kuchh to connection hai shoe and zee mein :P
anyways.... hope your new office is a much better place.
and Boss from Blog !!!! WOW !!!

BTW... u've been tagged. :)

Theorist said...

Why do u cry when ur shoe breaks ?
I get happy coz that way I make space for a new pair (:

Anonymous said...

1. reduce weight
2. reduce weight
3. buy new shoes ( at least above INR 1000)
4. Dont wear heels, with that weight

maybe if these dont help....just wear sneakers and keep your cheap fancy shoes in office...and slip them on...when u reach office

black coffee said...

okie zee, before i start off on my actual comment i have gotto say this!
its nice to give away free advice. oh its all rosy up there isnit? wait till you end up with a broken heel(i din mean that of a shoe!)
and lose weight? how high-n-mighty art thou? sending anonymous comments, how charming, really!
too bad the face is hidden. annnnyways...

i have read ur previous posts on that and i cudn find the time to comment back then!
but girl! my sympathies! i know how that feels, only too well!

but as theorist sed look on the brighter side, you get a brand newwww pair! :D

Simpu said...

Shoes line it is anyway!

Zee said...

cm...no...same job....just shifting location

adarsh....new office mein building nayi hogi log toh wohi

theorist...coz i embarrass myself in public duh!

anonymous....you are???

black coffee...thanks for understanding...i broke another pair today


bhaskaryya said...


nice work!

Ekta said...

hahah well i bet we ALL have had thse broken show incidents at some time in our lives!
And about a blogger coming in as ur boss!!!
God..thats scary!!!

Justso said...

I empathise, par aisa hi hota hain jab koi blore aaye aur humse na mile! *kidding kidding*

Cuckoo said...

Hey, why don't you start a broken-shoe museum? Or a shoe-dating service to find a partner for the one good shoe that you have left?

ps: Open another blogging account and leave sarci message on your boss's blog :)

Mr. Poplatho said...

Aaah.. may your sole rest in pieces. Now im tempted to write about womens's shoes.. he he he. LOL.
Boss from Blog world - hmmm...:-(

nutty said...

HOWW??!!!! How could you possibly manage that?!!!


I am just soo amazed!!

you've struck me speechless!

geet said...

well..off lately i found tht the guy who i got to knw through blog world is actually somebody i dated for few days. he doesnt this yet!!

abt the broken shoes... just your bad luck yaar...

Zee said...

bhaskarya....ok so its funny 48 hours later but not quite when i wrote this blog!

ekta....4 broken shoe instances mind you!


cuckoo....dahling...she's on your blogroll too...

mr poplatho...likho ji likho likho!

nutty...me too :(

geet...oh my god!!! how on earth did you manage that!

Standbymind said...

So many times.

Anshul said...


Anurag said...

tu aur tere joote...ek 1970's ki comedy ban jayegi dono par :P

JollyRoger said...

Think you should switch to loafers!!! But again, then we wont get such cool posts to read.

geet said...

manage what?

equilibrium said...


Bullshee said...

What is it with you and shoes??Really now!!

Zee said...

standby...phew it is indeed!

shool...same to u!!!

anurag...that 70s show huh!

jollyroger...i have! :(

geet...manage meeting ur ex in the cyber world!!!

equilibrium....u who laughs at my misery....

bullshee...shoe-macher speed of breaking shoe!

Still Searching said...

I think you're just jinxed with the footwear... :(

And again, cannot believe that person is coming in as your boss!! It's just too amazingly small a world!

Anonymous said...

Lose the weight Z! Lose the weight.

Me, your so called best friend who's calls you cut or never answer.

Pri said...

yess 'heel the world' is absolutely apt in ur situation :p
and heyy having that blogger for a boss would be fun...
did u ever comment on his blog or just followed it??
if u did comment, u can obviously remind him and maybe even blackmail him...*muhahahaha*

on second thoughts, u could blackmail me either way (comment or no comment) :-/
sumthing like 'i know what u BLOGGED last summer' :p

geet said...

yaar i did not knw it was him till the time he passed his email id. i was like WTF...i didnt tell him abt this.but i have stopped commenting on his space. this affair was difficult to forget and he came in front of me & how!!! i had deleted all of his email ids & emails only to find him again this way?? God is weird sometimes :).

Aiswarya said...

I should seriosuly reserch into quality shoes in India. I mean if i come up with an idea which would sell, my customer base seems to be extremely large!!!correct? U got no chairs, umm ok, I will bear that in mind too!!!

usha said...

heel the world! tee hee.. total killer!

i can give you an advice, btw, like our gud old grandmothers.. 'get a pair of bata shoes, girl'! :P
talking of which, do you know anyone of this gen, who wears bata?
i wonder what will happen to bata folks in another couple of decades.. sigh!

-chose 3rd green, because 3 sounds like a good number
rofl.. i can so relate to it.. especially while taking tests with optional answers! ;)

nithin ramachandran said...

Thank god for men ...cause we dont wear heels....

its tough for a woman i guess...so many things to pay attention to...n if oyu dont...well people do...

Hopefully....God will "heel" the world :)

great post !!!

amooma said...

that was real funny. have had that exact experience. though God wasnt quite that vindictive towards me: