Sunday, July 06, 2008

Down with Viral and All that Jazz!

It's like class 9 all over again. Every infection that does the rounds in Delhi, somehow feels incomplete unless it attacks me! That's what happened in class 9 when I did rounds of viral, conjunctivitis, chicken pox....and by the time the plague hit Delhi, my family was all set to welcome it into our home. It didn't help my dog developed a fascination for rats that year....he'd been around so many cats he probably began to feel like one!

Anyway, it's the same now....some 14 years later....after a round of flu, back sprain, it's the turn of a viral now though much needed to get time off on a working Saturday! The only problem being that even though you do get the weekend off, you pretty much waste it popping in pills and getting ice-sponged. I must confess my first most thought was that if I fainted (I was running a 104 temperature!), I'd better not hurl any abuses at anyone and scandalise my mum!

Well in any case, the viral was a dampner on what seemed to be a pretty good going on Mission Revival of Zee Social embarked a couple of weeks ago! I've caught 2 plays (both simply hilarious), 2 evenings of board games, 1 evening of karaoke croaking (in the safety of someone's home) and ....drum rolls please.... I even went dancing!!!! R, we missed you very, very, very much!!!!!!

It's like the world hasn't changed in the 1 and a half yrs I've been off partying. Girls in skimpy clothes (really...I only thought that was in the movies!), boys trying to get a date and all the oldies (read us) pretending to like the hip hop music and then trying not to yell too hard on finally hearing something familiar- Madonna Like a Prayer?? Ok so it wasn't so bad...

But there came the virus....putting a full stop on my mission...and I'm back to vegetating in front of the TV watching Hero no 1 on one channel and watching Jaane tu na trailors on every other channel!!! Btw, Aamir Khan in QSQT really reminds me of my boy...I sure hope as hell I don't remind me of Juhi Chawla (what was with those disgusting coloured lehngas??)

Anyway, got to run now. A friend of mine on a chat window's telling me she went for a Jagjit Singh concert and loved it...I'm telling her I find him highly depressing....and now she's telling me his voice is I'm off to gag and take her trip about it!


gunj said...

jagjit singh is good!! period :P

n jaane tu is really cute...go watch it aftr d infections decide to take ur leave!!

Anshul said...

wait a sec ... you had fever and you did all that??
anyways how you feeling now?
I got hit by a cab 2 days back. Was running downhill and totally miss-timed my jump on a turn and boom it hit me.
Nothing bad just some gashes here and there; though for a sec I was flying and thinking hmm...
but the worst part is the doc gave me mild sedatives ... no morphine! aaj kal ke doctors I tell you

Daroga said...

get well soon zee !!!


Anonymous said...

Jaane really nice movie, shld watch it.

n Get Well Soon!

Nisha said...

oldies like us pretending to like hip true yaar!!!where shud we hideee!!

Anonymous said...

hi mate, this is the canadin pharmacy you asked me about: the link

JollyRoger said...

Get well soon. Hey I often get the same feeling with the music!!!

antithesis said...

hey get well soon!!!
and btw jagjit singh is really good.:)

nutty said...

i really hope u're better soon!

and babes! jagjit singh can be really good!! cmon!!

jaane tu .. nice movie ... watch it ... not hyping it ... production and acting is average at best ... its even ridiculous in parts .. but still enjoyable :)

and when u're better I want tips on ur operation social blah :D

Zee said...

gunj...the infection stays...when will i go :( careful dude!! stupid!

daroga..thanks man...but not well still :(

illusion...thanks :)

nisha....yes plssssssssss

jollyroger....they shud have oldie bars for us!

antithesis....i am anti ur comment!!

nutty...oh yes! i was on a roll!!! tips u shall get!

CM-Chap said...

Ha Ha Ha.. Hope viral is not affected too much bcoz of you :-)

nasia said...

the thing i took away from this is.. UR BOY LOOKS LIKE AAMIR khAN!!!