Thursday, June 04, 2009

Presence of Mind?

Someone did a tag cloud for my blog and the topic on which I write most frequently turned out to be- My Car! Which could be true cause I spend a good 2 hours in my car everyday.......

Anyway, keeping this short and sweet.

Everyday, I come across at least one person on the road who totally pisses me off. And yesterday was the same. I wanted to turn right and there was a car full of men who wanted to go straight but were in the wrong lane. And decided since it was a girl (yes I'm still a girl, not a woman and I intend to address myself that way for a long, long time to come), they laughed at me and went straight and had the audacity to turn back and give me a nice, big grin.

My anger came shooting up. My face was red, my lips were pursed and a perfectly menacing scowl was on my face. That was it! I was going to show them my middle finger! I lift my hand, abuse under my breath and lift my finger.......and then realise it's the wrong finger....the thumb.....I was giving that bunch of chauvanists a thumbs up sign!!!!!!!

There is a serious coordination issue with the hand and the brain.

Hence Proven. I'm slow!


Bhel Puri & Seekh Kabab said...

I guess this was another example of the byline for this blog ("Open mouth...insert foot....close mouth")? :p

CM-Chap said...


Top NEWS of the day:

Zee updated the blog
Zee still a girl nt a woman
Zee dunno difference between thumb & middle finger :)

Daroga said...

thumb !!
seriously ??

you should surely check the connections :P

JollyRoger said...

Ha ha Zee! Good to see you back in sooper form.

WSW said...

..Now if you would only write more frequently.

Anonymous said...

A thumbs sign indicates encouragement! Am sure you will meet them again..hopefully this time it will be the right finger and the words..and the looks :P

IR said...


thumb sign ! you must have scandalised them , they would have thought it is some new age symbol that they areout of touch with !

driving on delhi roads does test your patience and tongue ,

as always you seem to find something funny in this chaos , drive carefully

IR said...

also as far as possible , please practise non-interaction with fellow car beings on delhi roads !

Zee said...

WO!! So many people I haven't seen in the blogosphere for ages! u been?

CM Chap...which world are u in now? many more yrs in amreeca? back! am back!

WSW....i oblige!


IR....where have u been? i know i a mindful from everyone i told this story to....need to keep my road rageness under control!

gkam said...


bad finger-eye co-ordination!!


KarSub said...


You post had me laughing so loudly.

BTW, I have some grrrrreat news for you. In Iran, if you show a thumbs-up to them, it is the equivalent of showing them your middle finger.

I think the next time you tell this story to your friends, you should finish it with this.

Shanu said...

Lol..u seriously have a loose connection sumwhere

!! Oxymoron !! said...

Hahahahaha!!! Hilarious!!

Anonymous said...

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