Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Old Age

Scene: Art of Living Class
Mood: Philosophical

Teacher: (Spiritually) "So, when did you come into this world?"

Me: (Idiotically)"Ummm...20 years ago. " Pause. "No wait, 27 years ago." Pause Pause. "No hang on. 29 years ago. Shit."

Yup....being 29 is now hitting me....sigh....


IR said...

29 is not old at all zee , stop pulling yourself ,

art of living ? any control on sudden streaks of road rage

CM-Chap said...

Ha Ha.. We both are in same boat. Letc cheer ourselves. By the way is Nov 3 ur Bday?

manoranjini said...

hehe ..philosophically lost !

Still Searching said...

You took the Part 1 course!! Yayay!

And 29 is not old, 30 is!!

Standbymind said...


hey ZEE,, how r yaaaaaaaa?
Long time?

Standbymind said...


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