Sunday, September 03, 2006


So how do u start ur day? Bed tea? The newspaper? How many of us wake up and put on some music? Am assuming a lot of us....and it's the type of music we listen to that defines our day!
I don't quite have the luxury to reach out for the CD system and choose my music every morning (either i don't have the luxury or i'm plain lazy ), so i simply start my day by turning on the radio! And i mean the 102.6 types since that's the only one which plays good english music in the morning.....Can't imagine starting my day with kaala chashma!
To me, the perfect start to a day is when i wake up to music i luv so much, that i sing out loud with toothpaste in my mouth, or when I do a little dance while ironing my clothes, or when i sit in my car and don't mind the 1 hour drive to gurgaon, or when i can leave the wheel to air guitar while driving (and most of us who air guitar haven't touched a guitar in our life!)
You know the music is good when you're on your way to work and you're late yet u drive slowly and stay in the slowest moving lane just so that you can finish your favourite song..... or when you've had a horrid day and are dying to get home and sink into bed with the remote, if they decide to play U2, u decide to not turn into your lane and decide to take a round of the colony instead!
Music does so much to takes u back in time when u'd heard the song with someone..or makes u laugh coz u remember someone singing the same song off tune..... or simply tranfers u mentally to the dance floor of some club u'd visited...
And no matter how hammered you get at work, if you've started ur day with music, you know that while ur boss is screaming his head off, u're still silently singing and dancing in your head to "That thing u do"


Anshul said...

What? No special remarks for the one who inspired you and no mentione of U2 One?
Thats inhuman!
Good blog babes! Lets keep adding to it; by the way after reading yours I plan to write on music my self!

Ruchika said...

Completely true! Everyone listens to different music, but it 'does' the same thing for everyone! Just one nice song can totally change your mood, make the drive back nicer, make the world seem like a better place (even if its a sad song!)...

and yeah, I know what you mean by taking the slower lane... I usually pretend to fidget around in my car (with the dashboard or something) after parking it while waiting for the song to finish so that I don't look like a total gonner!

Nice post :-) And welcome to the world of blogging! Ank and I can take a bow and acknowledge our good influence on u! :-))

the vestige said...
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the vestige said...

well 102.6... monday mornings...have you heard the story of the hare and the tortoise, the benefits of eating an apple...or strawberry pulp...or maybe simply drinking 52.7 glasses of water... think about it....but yes... i know what you mean by music...and what it can do to the rest of your day...well even if nothing tangible... but then in some way you are ready to face the music..touche