Thursday, October 18, 2007

I suck at poetry!

I thought I'd write a juicy post
On how I'm turning into a ghost
With no time to self but yet almost
I'm finding time for me to unload

But here I am staring at the screen
Getting no such words that mean
What I should post in this box so clean
Except that 6 day working sucks (what the hell if it doesn't rhyme! it's true!)

I never thought I'd see a day
When my blog would be in such dismay
That I can't write oh please do say
Is it just meant to be this way

So many things I want to write
On dirty loos and driving fights
On issues I'm waiting to ignite
On climbing up a 10 storey flight

Yet words fail me and I know not
What to call this disease I've got
Or is it my brain this job is making rot
That a post I cannot even give a shot

If you think this poem is a mock
It truly sucks and doesn't rock
Let me say I can't recover from this shock
That I my dears have a writer's block



Cool said...

its actually cool!!!
u haven't lost it totally!!
guess will take some more time for that....

CM-Chap said...

Zee... I shd say in the end u defntly made a good one.

ROFL @ Except that 6 day working sucks (what the hell if it doesn't rhyme! it's true!)

Or is it my brain this job is making rot - Is it not already?

ayas said...

nice actually!

Adarsh said...

wow !!!!!
this is one hell of a writer's block.
kya rhyming hai... wah wah.
extremely funny and expressive.
Good job zee... :)

Sreejith said...

under-promise and over-deliver :)

APOO said...

Writers loss, poets gain!

Still searching said...

You know what?!!! You made this entertaining enough to not feel bad that you haven't been writing!! And you can actually rhyme!

Bhel Puri & Seekh Kabab said...

It truly sucks
It definitely doesn't rock
But you are not your poem
So we'll still read you

Ten storey flights
We already heard about
Waiting to hear
About dirty loos

Try modern poetry
No arbit rhymes
And ancient rules
To worry about


Anonymous said...

Its Funny!! n it does rhyme :)

Standbymind said...

this one is ultra coool..I tellu this

rt said...

keep running up them flight of stairs... will do u a lot of good!

Chriz said...

hehe.. you do not suck at all.. infact when you see my rhymes, your posts are lot bettaaa.

luisgonewild said...

well i would rather call it bloggers block..not very original..but it does have alitertaion bit to it....

point on poetry...truth and feeligns matter more than u mentioned about ur sucky job!!

cheers ..good try..

Di said...

Ayyyooo...6 day workin!!! U kiddin me!:O My heartfelt condolences :((

The Individualist said...

Haha. It's fun. :P The title, though, could've read 'I rock at poetry!'.

Anonymous said...

very quirky.

nasia said...

it rhymes.. and its true..
thats called poetry isnt it..

this is no writers block.. :)

dubito, ergo cogito, ergo sum said...

well i kinda sucks

try sumthin outside the a,b,a,b system...coz you write pretty well and have a good flow of thot...ofcourse that didnt make anyone a good poet,but then u may as well try :)

btw who the hell am i to comment