Thursday, October 04, 2007

Teething trouble

I cannot believe I've actually joined a company named after an insect!!!! So it's a start up. So I had nothing to do with the brand name. But when I heard the name, I kind of gagged and wished I were dead! DON'T ask me what it is. Just trust me that it's named after an insect (sob sob sob sob)

Problem no 2 of course is the physical proximity with the heavens above (read 10th floor). And it doesn't help when the guard confirms in the affirmitive that the lifts are known to break down and be stuck for hours.

Problem 3 is that I have no clue what a peepal tree looks like. So yesterday when I was looking for parking, I asked the attendant where my office parking was. His answer was next to the "peepal" tree. I turned around and saw like a forest of trees and couldn't distinguish one from the other. I pointed in some vague direction and said "That one?" "Peepal peepal". Not a people's person is he!!! Didn't want to do a bimbo act so didn't pursue the topic. Went ahead and asked the other attendant. "Next to the peepal tree". Now am googling peepal images!

Problem 4 is that my office hasn't given me a parking sticker. So if I even do manage parking it's costing me 100 bucks a day. So the entire salary jump basically benefits the government parking pockets and I'm still taking home the same money

Problem 5 is that the new office believes in a 6 day working though officially is a 5 day week. They fix up daily meetings at 6pm and start at a god forsaken 9am. If you know me, you'll know I'm not a morning person in the mornings and not an evening person in the evenings. Hence am grumpy through the day

But you know what....I'm just a big fat (and becoming fatter) crib so ignore my whining...... Had to let the steam out....

Shit! They're making me travel this weekend! :'(


Adarsh said...

just 100 bucks !!!
wow.. I am going to love India even more when I'll be there. Everything is so cheaper in India :)
and rahi baat of your problems... well... give them sometime ... they will find sme new murga(murgi) :P
BTW u can now read the final mssg

Sreejith said...

hope your office has good ergonomical chairs. we have to park the most important part of our body for a long time in those ;)

Horn Please OK! said...

Solution 1 - "Namaskar, I am Zee and I'm calling from Keeda Enterprises. We squish your troubles away !!" ... see, convert the name to a catchy tagline! BTW, why'd you join a company without knowing its name ?

Solution 2 - Take the stairs, which will in turn take care of exercising. Waah, whoever thought they would pay you to lose weight !!

Solution 3 -

Solution 4 - Give the guard a tenner each day. The car will remain safe and sound where-ever you leave it. Money saved per month = 2700 rupees. Treat me with it when I'm back.

Solution 5 - Do not, repeat, NOT .. buy any firearms.

You're welcome!

Maverick said...

u r company is going on the lines of "caterpillar" i guess :)

Still searching said...

BUG?! I thought you told me its something else?! Or is it a new division of the company you're talking about?

My sympathies to you for paying a bomb for parking! CP is like that only.. ask Ank for sound advice...

Bhel Puri & Seekh Kabab said...

Buyer's remorse, is what it is. Problem 5 would be a huge problem for me as well.


nutty said...

awww!! but at least you've got lots to blog about na?!

hehhehehe! ok ok don't kill me!

i think horn please ok! definitely solved all your probs! way to go!

APOO said...

LOL! We live parallel lives! I started working at a start-up 2 weeks ago, we have parking problems and they already have me working OT!

I feel your pain.

But yeah, I am on the ground floor!

Strider said...

do u work for the beatles??

meetings a t 6pm?! oh crap! :(

nasia said...

travelling is a good thing isnt it??

IR said...

relax, whats with the bimbo thing, if u dont know something, then you dont .
traveling is good, aint it?(depending on where u are headed i guess ?)

Anshul said...

oh did I tell you I am in Paris this weekend; well if not then Zeeks I am in Paris this weekend.

Princess Banter said...

6-day working week?!??!??! What the hell... you better be getting good money out of this ;)

Where do they ask you to travel that displeases you so much? Even if it's free? LOL!

Good luck with the insect company! Could be worse. It could be named after some body organ that no one really likes to know about :) Hey, just putting things in perspective :P

mathew said...

10th floor would be great..esp when u forget ur mobile in ur car..and u come to know about it after reachin ur room..and if everythin goes per plan the lift wont work either when u get back..nice cheering;-P

Zee said...

adarsh.....100 bucks is a lot of money....2 mini hot choc fudges from nirulas to put things in perspective

sreejith...chairs is way out of my radar right now...waiting to develop a back prob before i think of that

horn pls....wah wah! thanks for ur keeda suggestions! except that someone would like to squish me rather than him...

maverick....hmmm....that puts things in perspective

searching,......same's a new set up by them by that name....sighhhhhh is the biggest!!!

nutty....NOT counted as silver lining thank you!

apoo....sob sob sob sob!!! no sympathies left for u...wasting them on myself only..

strider.... :( oh crap is appropriate yes

nasia...not if u've done it as long as i have say

anshul....&^%^%&( or no money...6 day sucks!!!

matthew...refer response to anshuol above!

JollyRoger said...


Still thinking....

Confessions of a Born Procrastinator said...

He he...

Good post... made me smile... [:)]

equilibrium said...

That sounds really exciting :P

Bullshee said...

Ha ha ha peepal tree!! Thats too much!!

And pls oh pls, don't crib about weight! I went to the gym, after centuries of inactivity...Centuries I tell you...termites had started building mounds aroun me!

Anyway, I stood on the scale and me eyes popped out! I'm not revealin the figure, but man me put on some weight!! Boo hoo!

So Zee, you and me, we is on the sammmmee boat....and its sinkin' fast babe!

Anshul said...

oh and Lisbon too.

Standbymind said...

Need the name man..
mmmm cockroach?


Zee said...

jollyroger.....u're getting there...go on

born procastinator.....dunno when i smiled last!

equilibrium...didn't miss the sarcasm there thanks! hmph!

bullshee....hmph! talk for urself dude...i still like to believe i'm just a teeny weeny bit on the healthier side

standby...cold cold cold!

Parul said...

stop cribbing!
10th floor is still better...My company gave me a flat on the 23rd floor and I had to climb up when there was no electricity last weekend :(

CM-Chap said...

Ha Ha... That's Hilarious Zee... I love the way u express the cribbings...

Well Problem 4 is defntly needs to be addressed... May b u can adopt wrk frm home till it is solved...

oops..6 days working... I have done it in inital yrs of my career... (May be too much of technology enhtu... so I accepted it)... But these days if I hv to wrk 6th day... None of my body part coordinates..he he

Cuckoo said...

Peepul ke ped ke neeche...:) All the best.. have a blast.

Be strict... leave at 6.00... !!

The Black King said...

Look at the bright side: you save gym money by climbing 10 storeys everyday! :D

Adarsh said...

100 bucks is a lot of money... i agree...till I came here :P

Cool said...

coming to mumbai this weekend? or to th fav south??

Anurag said...

do u happen to be a banker by any chance...the work hours look similar :o)
btw i am not one :D

was blog browing...came across ur blog...interesting read...


Someone said...

Cribbing humara janam sidh adhikar hai...there is nothing like good old makes life more worthwhile!!

Zee said...

parul....ok...sympathies....but i still have the right to crib!

cm...but these aren't my initial yrs at work!!!

cuckoo...they may be strict and make me leave forever!

black king,...i wasn't spending anything at the gym anyway!!! was chandigarh! bombay will happen soon i'm least banks deal with money

someone...100% agree!! :)

sirpy said...

Methiks its one among the following three,


You park your car either in the morning or in the evening. You are not a morning person nor an evening person; the attendant is not a people's person.. So which one is true...?

Compassion Unlimitted said...

Good one..Well as u rightly said take out the pressure in the least you have many souls to sooth u too

JollyRoger said...

Praying mantis?
Jesus bug?
Water strider?

Still thinking...

praveen said...

All the best for ur new job....

luisgonewild said...

alas the new job blues...i have no idea what that is..coz i am still in college..and thus my take on ur predicament holds no value..

all i can say is..all the best.

CM-Chap said...

Ho yah I know these aren't ur inital yrs... I tell u, try to stop this at the earliest.

Otherwise 6 days of wrk will be taken for granted...

Chriz said...

next please

Bullshee said...

dude!I'm hittin the gym these days!Can ya believe it!!Climb those stairs babe!Climb those stairs!

Zee said...

sirpy...cold cold cold.....and i didn't understand any of what u said at the end....coolness!!! makes u sound like me! :D true...misery loves company

jolly....cold hot cold cold cold cold...

praveen....thanks'll get there dude...'s a mandate...not out of choice

chriz...coming up sir!


nisha punjabi said...

your troubles are making ppl smile here!!
hope u are taking them with a pinch of salt as well :)