Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Attn: Women in High Heels

Please note where your feet at going.

Are you wearing heels today? Are they stillettos (confession: I had to google the spelling) that are unnaturally sharp and pointy? Are you too engrossed in conversation to even notice the poor girl with the injured, band-aided toe standing behind you? Here's a piece of advice. Look where you step! It should preferably not be on the injured girl's band-aided toe!!!! And do NOT under any circumstance ask "Oh, did I hurt you?"! Take a guess smart alec!


IR said...

zee in a bad mood :(

Anonymous said...


mathew said...

hehehe..a param veer chakra for you!!;-P

Still Searching said...
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Still Searching said...


The Black King said...

Hehhe... someone has been stepping over a lot of 'important' toes :)

Solitaire said...

hahahha!! did someone step on your toes, literally?

I never wear high heels..thank god!

Ekta said...

I sooo relate to this!!
am not much of a high heel wearer myself and everytime I see someone whose heels are longer than their legs I stand away!
And let me take a guess..the poor band-aid u?:-)

Adarsh said...

kaahe ko jo itna high high heels pehenti hain ladkiyan.... humko kabhi bhi nahin chamkega :P

Anshul said...

please tell me you gave a bad look and passed a funny remark to the Q; please please please!

JollyRoger said...

OUCH!!! I read somewhere that the pressure exerted by a woman in stilettos and the pressure exerted by a leg of the elephant are the same. Thats some perspective!!!!

Incidentally a stiletto is a long thin knife used often for assassinations!

Pointblank said...

Oh! Jeez! are u hurt?? stepping on toes with high heels is awful! :(

Cuckoo said...

I recognize the villainous turnaround Zee! Stop stepping on other people's toes :)

APOO said...

Haha.... I had something which could be considered a similar incident, perhaps a little more painful?

Its right here:
Or, Click here

Zee said...

ir...yes i was...and i am today coz it's a working saturday!!!


mathew...i need it! sentiments exactly!

black king...toes company, heels not!

solitaire...ya man :(

ekta....yes the poor soul is me :(

adarsh....self defence mein

anshul....u know me...the angel i am i didn't say anything

jolly...ah! i knew it!

pointblank...yes i am yes i am :'-(

cuckoo...o ye of little faith!

apoo....u too huh??? let's start a club against them!

nutty...though u haven't commented, see i'm replying to comments again!

Zee said...

btw apoo....the last para on that post is hilarious!!! hahahaha!

unforgiven said...

In her defense, you never know. The poor little girl in the band-aid (depending on who she is of course) could even say, "Oooooh, that was good. Could you do it again? mistress!" :P

Taz said...

Candid confession about spelling a word. I like your forthrightness.