Thursday, February 07, 2008

Geographically Yours

Darjeeling. Tea estates. Mountains. Greenery. On the list of places to see before I die. Darjeeling. Darjeeling in.......errrr.......????

Sundays are lovely. They start with a stream of cook shows on ndtv, travel and living, times now, zee tv, star plus..........ok so you get the point. I am a cook show addict. It's out in the open. My cool reputation has been damaged for life. But ok ok. I confess. I love cook shows!

No I don't cook. I have experience in tea making though a certain someone says culinary skills are not my forte (hmph hmph) but beyond putting a Betty Crocker cake mix into the oven or cooking Maggi post reading the instructions, I admit my cooking quite puts a full stop there. Yet there's something about watching cooking shows.........You can smell the spices, feel the smooth chocolate, hear the's one of the most fulfilling, mouth watering experiences ever!

And now having made that point about my passion for cookery shows, last Sunday I was planted in front of the TV watching a tea special show based in Darjeeling while on the phone with boy and I sighed and said "Wow! Darjeeling. I've always wanted to go to Assam"
"How's it related?"
"What do you mean it's not related?"
"Darjeeling isn't in Assam"
"Oh...really? Arunachal then?"
"Sikkim? Manipur?"
"West Bengal."
"What rubbish!"
Call made to general "knowledged" brother in law. Answer confirmed. With sister in the background "Isn't Darjeeling a state?"

Now you don't get it. I pride myself in knowing a lot about geography. I know all the capitals of the states of India and.........err....I know all the capitals of the states of India! So it really was a blow to my geographical ego. And I decided to see how badly off I was by asking my giggly girl gang.

Me: "So where is Darjeeling"
G1: "Assam"
G2: "Assam"
Me: "Ha ha!"
G1: "Ok, Manipur"
Me: "Ha ha ha ha!" Check me out being miss know-it-all
G2: "Ha ha! West Bengal" Second time lucky
G3: "What rubbish! Not West Bengal!" Silence. "West Bengal?"

I am much relieved by this lack of general knowledge. But what takes the cake is....
Friend 1: "Let's go for the Rio fest this year!"
Friend 2: "Ya man! And let's go to Brazil too!"

I'm glad I did commerce.....


Pointblank said...

Ah! I'm done! m done with reading all ur posts right from the first one. Tho in random order! But I cross checked again to make sure tat I read each one of them.

If I havent mentioned it b4, u have a FANTABULOUS blog! It was love at first sight - me n ur blog I mean. I;m beginning to think tat ur so much like me - zest for food, so a love for cookery shows by default, techi dud, shy to speak up but endlessly banter with friends and now geographically - challenged! Phew!! Thatz a whole lotta it.

But the difference is tat I wud never open up my 'stupid' self to an unknown self. I totally adore ur ability to say wot u say. THIS could have been my blog.

Anyways, keep writing. It generates a laugh for sure!

Pointblank said...

and pls do temme how to get this hits counter in place. I really dont know!

Enigma said...

whew...humm so where excatly is Darjeeling??looks like i am confused too??west benagal?? nice post

Amandeep said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Standbymind said...

He he...

Darjeeling too wanna go..Teas teas...n there this ty train running in there too i guess!

n ya..even I pride myself in geography

nice read!!!

Arpz said...

btw darjleeng in?

did I even spell that right?

damn! time to get back to excel sheets, geography ke maa ki @#$@$!!

never got geo through my thick head. I can not even figure out left and right ... *sigh*

back to excel now.

Anshul said...

dont you like work with some division of Hindustan Times?
you do read the paper (Page 3 aint paper)....

oh then again its Zarreen I am asking this...

Anurag said...

yaar tune dil tod diya mera...i am from assam n never have i heard such poor geography bout my state :o(

darjeeling west bengal mein hai yaar :o(

Anonymous said...

i want t6 2nw wh6 5s frnd 2...ok i admit im drunj....w6...who is frienf 2 who wants to go to brazi; and rio

anonme said...

lol.. Good u are a commerce student and great i am into biology!
west bengal?? seriously!
so how many of us aren't aware of this fact? :O

rofl at the rio brazil thingy! hey! i laughed which means i know that lil bit of geography! ;)


nutty said...


ok confession time - my first thought at "Darjeeling in...??" was West Bengal right? But then on reading further you said Assam and I was like "Oh! Yeah! Assam sounds more accurate" Damn!!! I should have known I was right the first time! :P

Well I don't mind admitting to being "geographically-challenged" simply because I can blame it all on Miss Kohli, my geo teacher class 8-10 who absolutely hated me for some obscure reason and made sure I returned the sentiment :P


lilfern said...

arre zarreen with a double r...u livin up to ur witty and pretty reputation! nice :)

Theorist said...

Tku for this...I was right the 2nd time
At least I know that 'Bhubneshwar is not near Nepal !

IR said...

funny ,
your friends are going to kill you someday !

Adarsh said...

l luuuuvvvvv cooking shows :)

on the phone while watching a show !!! seems u have over-estimated Indian economy :P

Darjeeling nahin pata !!!!!!!!!!!

hehe hehe hehe hehe

unforgiven said...

Geography is overrated; just like sex-education.

Come on, who cares where what is; we'll just figure it out!


mathew said...

Lol!!..i just know a friend who thinks there is a bridge connecting australia and newzealand..howzzaat!!!;-P

btw cookery shows are all fraud..for authentic mind blowing recipies my blog is any day better!! muhuhuhaha..cheers for fatalities!!;-P

Bullshee said...

Ha ha....I remember asking a girl in our college quiz club who the first president of india was and get an "Errr..." for an answer!

This takes the cake though! Betty Crocker even!

Cool said...

even i thought darjeeling was in sikkim/assam, west bengal came as a surpise..see now reading ur blog helping me in improving my geography...:)
and you know darjeeling was part of Nepal till 1950...

JollyRoger said...


Keep them coming.

gunj said...

great blog:)

J DA said...

I think ur sisters comment was absolutely kickass.

nisha punjabi said...

oh im a cookery show adddict tooo...i mean i can actually live on them all day long.
N yeah, I hardly ever cook! seriously what do these cookery shows have?

and well, when geography sucks...its better to stay quiet :)

Still Searching said...

Goodness, you def had me there for a sec!

CM-Chap said...

Ha Ha.... I infer from this post that.. I have to be careful if at all I meet you and your gang...
bcoz.. I may also start belevg Darj is in Assam.. Ha Ha

nishu said...

Hye i can cook rice tooo(being a guy)...Sadly I havnt been in darjeeling myself (being in west bengal )...nn ya i regularly flunked in geography and gave everyone a party when i took up science...nice blog

Anonymous said...

Gavar... kupmandoop... you have listed all the places that are important to me... Jharreen from Jhabier... you nut case... go learn to cook .. or let me come and i will teach you that ... and geos ofcors...

Adarsh said...

u've been tagged.... hahahahaha

traveller said...

yeah yeah, I act like Joey in situations like these - Do not commit, go with the flow :P

Anonymous said...

Das glaubst du ja selbst nicht

Anonymous said...


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