Friday, January 26, 2007


Bold subject? In its own ways….But no…this is not a post on such interesting subjects (I know what you’re thinking…naughty naughty)….rather it’s on the certain things friends subject you to when they’re drunk …. Friends, henceforth, referred to, as Hic-kies in this post

1. You receive smses like this “Zm tak car mad horn non get yiel room”. After you employ the services of your smarter counterparts in interpreting that sms, you realize what you thought was “My car horn’s gone mad…not getting to my room” (whatever that means)... you realize what it actually says is “You take care of your mom get well soon”.

2. They call you up on ISD and sing versions never heard of, of songs which you swore by and after their version, swear by to never listen to again! You also get calls at the end of the month saying “What the hell…these telephone companies are billing me gigantic amounts for some reason. I’m going to sue them”. Stop serenading all the way from across continents and I assure you telephone companies will be kind

3. You’re way past your deadline, already in a car which is huffing and puffing to touch a 20km/hr speed and the Hic-kie in the passenger seat decides to pull up the handbrake every time u accelerate!! The result… no pick ups for the Hic-kie in passenger seat in the future, hoarse voices from shouting and then laughing at the Hic-kie and of course you get grounded for a month!

4. Some Hic-kies decide to think of their exes and weep just at the time when you have taken a break from thinking of your ex as an *&*^% (family blog…..errr…ok not quite)…and are actually missing him too! What follows is a series of howling and the only person who smiles through this episode is the bar owner as the Hic-kies drive up the bill!

5. Some Hic-kies also start seeing things and go to the extent of saying “Shit man, you’re actually looking good” and before you can pat your hair and break out into a modest smile they top it up with “Shit man, I must be really drunk”

So next time you’re a Hic-kie….what the heck! Encore! It’s really entertaining!


Ruchika said...

Hehehe.. ok so your blog is accessible to me again.. good.. loved ur previous post on marriage.. coincidentally i was thinking of the same thng this week, when i realised how much background work my mom does while i am away in office to keep this house running! and i wonder how i am going to manage a house and office together ever in my life!! Hehehe..

Handbrake while driving?! Hehe, pretty cool that!

IR said...

yours has to be one off the best blogs in blogworld, very witty...

what is the deal with being "grounded"(you get grounded very often)- you are 26, protest !

i have yet to meet anyone who has nice things to say about their "exes" !:)

That Armchair Philosopher said...

rather it’s on the certain things friends subject you to when they’re drunk

Damn. There goes my main motivation on reading this post. Sigh.

I know what you mean about running a house - I'm finding out for myself, first hand. I've actually never lived with my parents after high school, and in grad school, I went crazy trying to figure out what goes when and where. Whew.

Moving out might have its advantages .. but sometimes, I SO wish my mom was in [sic] the background taking care of things :) wishful thinking, eh?

And hullo :) just stumbled by, like what I see. cheers

Anonymous said...

I dont complain on the bills on isd!!!!!
is pt 5 for me as well?

cardamom said...


Gud One!! Shit man!! that was a damn good post..!!

Shit man!! and I am Not drunk "



Adarsh said...

I talked a lot the two times I got 'hick-ed' :P

Zee said...

ruchi, i don't think i will even attempt house and office after getting married! out goes the office! and given that i'm not marrying, it's just the office after all.....devil and the deep blue sea...sighhhh

ir, thank u sooooooooo much!!! truly truly made my day :) and yes i shud protest about getting grounded....hmmmmm

armchair philosopher, glad u enjoyed the post! :) thank uuuu. i was in the hostel for 2 yrs but that's managing a room not a home!!!

anonymous, yes sir! all those points apply to u too!

cardamom, glad u enjoyed it without being drunk! cheers to that! :)

adarsh, suggest u ask the friend who were around u what else u did in ur drunken state! they'll tell u the better part of the story! :)

Nimrata said...

friends comment even if they .. as usual .. have nthn constructive 2 say ..!!
so here i am ...

i wanna c u in form next time ur drunk..


i suppose the above request will be duly obliged on any saturday night...!!
i shud've asked for something else..!!

Anonymous said...

dear lovely cousin

apologies due for the late

My set of hick-ies ( cool concept) have their own weird stories like one that mouths of pythagoras theorem when hes drunk or another who always claims to know the entire room and then systematically mixes up everyones names.

Evidently the lack of heading out is causing withdrawl symptoms!! so just get out..take nims along...make us proud! tee hee..

nutty said...

your frenz sound like amazing fun, if I may say so myself! ;D

arpana said...

im waiting for the next post **tap tap tap**

Zee said...

nimrata, it was about crazy things my friends do...not me! i'm very sober you see :D

LC, I've been trying to recall the pythagorus theorem ever since u've put up the comment....i think i need a drink myself!!!

nutty, they do don't they? ;) i can assume u have a story or two too huh? :D

arpna....putting up another boring one....