Monday, January 15, 2007

Cause You're There For Me Too.......

Happy New Year!!!

Writer's block. Subject block. Brain block. Hence no post for so long. So in case this post sucks (and I have a strong feeling it will), please excuse the rusted pen....errr....keyboard

So very little social life this year (ok I promised a friend to clarify that it's not true and I do actually have a social life coz someone is always sweet enough to allow me to tag along with them on saturday nights) but since the beginning of the year I haven't got to do much.

But that's not the point. To get myself back into the writing mode which some mad friends of mine insisted I do (personally think it's cause they get a nice hearty laugh by laughing at my miserable life) have decided to blog on just that.....the mad mad friends we have!

I've learnt...

1. Friends always make sure they don't notice the haircut you've spent a bomb on (Achha kuch karaya hai?)
2. And always make fun of your fashion sense (That's a t shirt? It looks like a confused choli)
3. Friends die of shock when you tell them hot boy said you're cute (You??? Did he say this before or after you sported that pimple?)
4. Friends spend half their lives trying to get your surname right (Your surname sounds like iIm gargling zee....insults insults!)
5. Friends spend a major part of their lives inducting you to the world of abuses and then pretend to be shocked when you use it (You're not such a young conservative muslim girl after all....)
6. Friends never let you forget the mistakes you've made (You actually dated that loser?)
7. Friends indulge you with the yummiest homemade chocolate desserts cause they know that's the way to cheer you up
8. Friends turn up at the doorway with a 1 kg bag of chocolates which give you tons of happiness (tons of pimples and tons of weight)
9. Friends come up with bright ass ideas to have ice cream in peak winters and convince you to do the same
10. Friends cover you with a blanket when you're curled up on the train berth
11. Friends always have a story worse than yours, a love life worse than yours, a problem worse than yours or so they make you believe when you start to feel low
12. Friends download the coolest music and pass it on to you without you even asking
13. And friends also have this uncanny way of knowing exactly what you want them to say when you're down and out, exactly when you need a hug, when you need a pat, when you need a laugh, when you want to be alone....

And you love each and every one of them despite all their quirky, mad ways!

Here's to my bunch!

Ps- is it normal for a 26 year old to get zits at the drop of a hat???


Anonymous said...

Drop the freakin bag of chocolates and theyll dissappear lovely cousin!!!
Beat u to this one nims!:)

Anonymous said...

this one is totally from the bottom of your heart :)

Nimrata said...

friends r the ones who let u live despite ur blasphemous act of convertin their great ideas of things to blog on into mere bullet points...!! hmph...!! never said anythin abt friends not gettin angry did i ..

put up pic of confused choli n all will b well again ..!!!

Adarsh said...

True in every sene of word :)
no need to fill in the blank.
We have them... and we love them.
Cheers to friendship !!!

Anonymous said...

Friends drop pencil shavings into the dustbin when another friend is pushished and standing inside the dustbin...hahahahahahahahahahaha. Was it KG A or 1 B ?? lol. shruti

beanpole said...

i really would like to meet those friends o yours that taught you to abuse like a sailor...and what's with the dose of senti to start the year...we have enough K serials around lady...

IR said...

confused choli- who coined this term? welcome back

Anonymous said...

Got mentioned twice I think ... yippee I am a celebrity!!
By the way was about to scrap you to put something on (the blog I meant); welcome back.
Thanks for being there as well fatty!

stoob said...

good to have you back in action.

By the way:
'Shit happens' and 'Zit happens' so...

cardamom said...

Freinds write you comments on your blog when nobody else in the world does!!... freinds are those whom u see around you on your b'day polishing their shoes to kick you hard where it matters!!

freinds are those on whom you can test fire the nastiest of the curses and abusive language and get back an equal amount and you giggle afterwards!!!

rt said...


friends are those who do not tell u that u've put on weight. and they don't say it despite noticing a gradual (steep) upward curve in weight gain.

rt said...

and friends do not tell in office that ppl blog while pretending to work.

Ruchika said...

Hehe.. very true! Frds never let you forget the mistakes you made! :-))

Nice to have you back.. I was beginning to think the whole lot of us is going to disappear from blogosphere!

arpana said...

owsom !!!! standing applause to all the friends out there :) yours mine and everyones

Zee said...

lovely cousin, yes will give up chocs.....someday!

giggly girls, i love you guys for so sweetly commenting! muah muah!

adarsh, u're right. we have them and we don't know what we would do without them!

beanpole, i didn't know sailors abused! and of course, the credit goes to u &^*%

ir, thanks! the term was coined by one of my mad friends thanks to a very inspirational top!

mr anonymous, yes yes u're a celebrity! go ahead gloat!

stoob, ur comment cracked me up! and then i saw the zit again....

cardamom, the comments by my anonymous friends here are totally proof to your 1st pt! so true!!! :)

rt....tujhe to main dekh loongi

ruchi, no way am i disappearing from anywhere....or any angle...sigh sigh

arpana, totally!!! they rock!