Tuesday, May 29, 2007

And the World Goes Swishing By

When did the Flintstones exist? 100BC? 200BC? 500BC? Make it 2007. Till yesterday that is…..till yesterday when I stopped being the Flintstones….till yesterday when I stopped living in stone age…till yesterday when I got broad band!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok so half your eyes will pop out. No I don’t mean half your eye……I mean half of you reading this will pop your eyes out…pop your eyes out??? Mrs Beddow (My “speech and drama” teacher........Ya ya beat that......a compulsory course in my "convent" school……..Ha!) would have given me a straight F if she were to hear my English now……

Anyway, coming back to what I was saying. I got broadband! I stopped plugging myself to the telephone line, hearing the dial tone purr, redialing for a 52.0 kbps connection…….sometimes settling for a 28.8kbps connection….and then spending half an hour loading my email!!! Yesterday it only took me only 5 mins and then I didn't know what to do with the net! It was kind of scary how you’d click go and the page would open phatak!! I leapt out my chair a couple of times by the speed of the thing but finally braved it the third time onwards!

So oh well…I got broadband and this is the first post from my broadband connection so pls let the congratulations pour in! Trust me, it was a mammoth task! Convincing me that is.

And broadbands’s given me something to write about as life becomes even duller with the boy soooooooo far away and my friends having disowned me for disowning them when I found boy....

The only time in the past few days when I’ve wanted to blog was when I got this awesome call from Airtel.
“Madam, we have an amazing scheme. We’re giving you a free sim with your sim card”
“OK. But what will I do with 2 connections?”
Silence. “That I don’t know Madam”

I respect call centers. I appreciate the work people do there. But how can every database in the country have my sex wrong??? I get at least one of these calls everyday
“I want to speak to Mister_____”
Silence. “Are you Mister_____”
“Do I sound like a mister____?”
Silence. Tick tock tick tock. Bell rings. “Oh. Sorry. You’re Miss _____”
Like duh!!!

Ok got to go now. My mom and aunt have decided to play the role of the Miss Universe judges or something and are commenting non stop on how terrible all the women look. So I need to find solace in stuffing my face with dinner. (On a side note have eaten half a pack of Hide n seek, one lemon tart and one motichoor laddu in the past half hour and am nursing a stomach ache. News you can’t use)

PS- Just in case Make my trip.com starts boasting of getting 2 billion hits in a day…don’t pay attention. It’s just me looking for cheap Chennai tickets every 5 mins………


Aye said...

ur such a cutey!!!!
wat a nice blog!!
kept me smiling...
and im contributing to the two billions hits as well... :) cheap tickets to delhi/bombay!!!!!!!

arpana said...

congrats for the broad band (and .. uh-oh, my rant about broadband is big enough for a post - I guess I will put it up as a post)
and u go girl - check out cheap airline fares and babes, visit Blore too :D

Cuckoo said...

Super! Broadband has its cranky moments too (just adding my tuppence warning!) Btw, check cleartrip.com too. Most times their Bom-Chn fares are better than anything else. Ensoi namma chennai!

Bullshee said...

happy anniversary....happy anniversary....haaaaaaaappy.....
oops!wrong congratulations!
Congrats on the new broad band!

Surf's Up Duuuudeee!!!!

anisha said...

Yipeee!!! you finallly got broadband!!!
hopefuly you wont play hide n seek on msn anymore...!!
n by the way you still have me who's not disowned you as yet.. lol..!!!!

Theorist said...

1)when dial up was in, u had no internet
2) when DSL was in, u got a dial up
3) When broadband was in, u still had dial up
4) Now Data Card is in..to tune broadband lagwaya hai

U beat us hollow !!

Ruchika said...

Call centres calls are totally awesome.. My colleague once had one sales girl totally distraught.. she told him the bank will give him a personal loan based on just salary slip or address proof, and he said, "I have no job, no house, not much of education.. but still wont you give me a loan? Are you telling me unemployed people cant get loans?!".. Hehehe.. totally had her flabbergasted, and ofcourse was never disturbed by them again!

Btw, nice new list of blog buddies.. :)

Cool said...

Congrats Mister Zee!!!
so now you can start using gtalk to reduce your std bills....

and i don't think your friends have disowned you.. its still you who don't wanna go out with them :)

btw you remember who is master in getting cheap tickets :))

Zee said...

aye....why delhi bombay?????

arpana...blore shall be done...though i wish it wud've been in time for aerosmith!!

cuckoo...thanks for the warning and more importantly thanks for the clear trip tip! have found cheaper fares there! yipieeee

bullshee...yes yes suring big time!!! :)

anisha...soooooo sweettttt

jainy....soooooo nasty!

ruchi......hahahaha!! fundoo colleague!!

cool....ur services at getting cheap tickets shall soon be put to good use! :)

nutty said...

cheap tix!! me also adding to the hit rate of yahoo farechase so yea ....

zeeeeeeee! nothin ... arbit ... ;)

Giscard said...

LOL, this was a welcome return to your blog. I will have to be more regular from here on in :)

Adarsh said...

mere saath theek ulta hua hai :((
from 100 mbps to 100 kbps :(((((
bahut bada anyaay hua hai mere saath ki humare ghar k around 15km radius k andar abhi tak broadband nahi aaya hai.
to instead of posting a post in 1 min.... i hv posted the first post from my home in some 15 mins.. and that too.. kyuki raat ka time tha... aur hum lucky the.
neways.. smthin is better than nothing... jo bhi hai... apun duniya se touch mien to hai.... thora slow hi sahi :)

arpana said...

@ zee - check out the comment on my blog in reply to urs ( sorry, found no other way to let u know :D)

StandbyMind said...

Hardik Shubkamnaen!!!!!!!!


Hey muh mitha karao yaaar!

May ur broad band run on high speeed all the time

Zee said...

nutty......u need to find tickets to good ol dilli!!

giscard.....welcome back sir!

adarsh....welcome to what my life used to be a while back.....if not worse....hang in there..america door nahin

standbymind...so far so good..

nasia said...

You are my fav blogger!!
Yes i said it..
Cause i am drowsy to the point of collapsing, have an acute headache and am dead hungry and I m doing my night shift, yet ur blog made me laugh..

Congratulations on the broad band!!
Make my trip.com is a costly site . Try spicejet.com u may as well come to chennai.. :-)

Nice New Guy said...

"But how can every database in the country have my sex wrong???"

Come on. You really want us to believe that SO many people are wrong?