Sunday, May 13, 2007

Gold is Old!

Mum dragged me for some family friend’s nephew’s wedding (phew!) last week. It was one of those grand affairs where the farm house was converted into some 5 star hotel and the entire area was lined with mouth watering food counters and 3 different types of prawns were served as starters!! (The pepsi was a bit flat but I’d let that pass…)

Anyway, after much stuffing ourselves, we got into the car and my mum says “The bride looked a bit old didn’t she?” I stared at her for 2 mins before I said “Given that your own daughter will soon be 27 and can’t see marriage on the horizon for another 5 years to come, I don’t think you should be commenting on anyone else!” And instead of comforting me she gave out a loud laugh and said “That’s true”

Let’s put things in perspective. It isn’t that my mum hasn’t been having nightmares about giving away her daughter as some wrinkled 40 year old bride. She’s been trying her best to hook me up with lots of “eligible”, “muslim” boys but her efforts to set me up fail miserably compared to my efforts (read tantrums) to keep such efforts at bay! So last week when I finally refused to meet her friend with not 1 but 2 eligible sons she finally gave up! “That’s it! Now you marry whoever you want!” Mission accomplished!

Life was all happy till yesterday when a friend of mine called out of the blue. Let me give you a background of this friend. She’s someone who got married at the right age of 24 and had a baby at the right age of 25. So she called me now at the age of 26 and said “Hey!” Giggle. “Hey, what’s up?” Giggle. “How come you giggling so much? All ok?” Giggle. “Oh gosh have you called me to tell me you’re pregnant again?” “Actually Zee, I have already had my second baby” And the world came crashing down!

The first rude shock hit me when at the age of 19 one of my friends announced her engagement! And then another friend got married and another and before I knew it everyone I touched got married (Midas me!). The second slap was the baby boom when people started popping them out like they’re in fashion or something!

I actually thought I had hit rock bottom when my friend’s baby wished me “Happy Birthday maasi” on my 25th birthday and my friend proudly announced that her child was now attending proper school! But now with my friends moving on to the next stage of life of handling full fledged 2 kid families, that’s it! I’m not only over the hill, soon I’ll be under it!

It doesn’t help that half my head is turning white and I’ve spent a significant part of my evening plucking out the greys from my head (my friends were screaming on the phone that I didn’t have to tell them I was doing that and they could do without such intimate details of my life) ….And it surely doesn’t help that my boy looks so young that when he goes to Buzz they ask him for age proof and even when he shows it to them, they tell him he’s lying!!!! This in comparison to me who has looked like I’m 30 ever since my 17th birthday!!! Hmph hmph!

So after a week of feeling extremely old, here I am blogging away at 3 in the morning with my mom telling me that the reason I’m graying is because I don’t sleep on time! That’s all the explanation I need!

Am off to bed now….to dream of my youthful years and to count the number of black strands left on my head!

PS- the title….my name means gold…go figure!

PPS- My boy moved to Chennai this week. :( I miss him…….


Akshay said...


This was an amazing blog. Absolutely brilliant piece of writing considering the odd hour after a long day/nite of partying. But then luckily I was up (mind you, not of my own free will!) to read it.


Anshul said...

ZK I am re-thinking about the bond we talked about.
and sweets we all know you are a great gal so why worry (ok this being sweet HAS to stop!; I mean its affecting my mental balance yaar)
Anyways; MMUUAAHH!
see you soon.

Adarsh said...

pehle to ROTFL :P
doosre... don't mind :P
aur ab kaam ki baat....
kar lo shaadi... ab to maa bhi raazi hai :))
accha... ab bilkul kaam ki baat.....
name: Sona :P
accha ab serious ... name : Zareen ?
kyun... sahi kaha naa :)

manish said...

I guess,you name might be "Zoheb"....the nick name Zee goes well with that :-))(or may be Nimaat !!)

Someone said...

I have never related to a piece of writing as much as this! I am also currently going through what seems to be the beginning of 'everyone around me is getting married' phase...and if your experience is any indication, its only going to get worse! Damn!

Anonymous said...

Lovely cousin
My boy moved too.sigh.
tats all i could relate to.
lil bit of graying no bit deal.
again im not given the pleasure of getting any credit in helping u dispel the hundred muslim boys our moms were rounding up for u from weird corners of the country! lol..
weddings are only meant for stuffing ourselves bride can be 6 or 40 who cares!!! :)
and dunno y the blog seems familiar...almost like uve cribbed about all these things 3 times over...
except the greying tats a first.
love u
promise to keep ma from finding a good family education civil servant boy for u

arpana said...

dude ... come down to Chennai , and then Bangalore aint too far away and we can party until the rest of the hair left on the head can turn gray too - and moreover - aint u heard it? youth is a state of mind
* walks away singin 18 till I die ..* oh and adds * 80 if I die married :(*

Bullshee said...

I see a 'I'm-not-married-balls-to-you' trend in your posts!!Hey, your life with it what u will!!Gr8 that your mom finally realized it.....Now just be careful ur 'boy'[homme that he is] doesn't read this post and suddenly develop commitement issues!!!

Have I said to much?? >:)

nutty said...

Hehehehe! Vicious circle eh?! Your mum wants you married but you're throwing tantrums and not getting married so you're still unmarried ( at 27!! OMG!!) and graying (Gasp!) and you're paranoid about being an old bride.. but u have a pretty boy (in Chennai?! Poor guy!) so you're content and hence refusing to let your mum arrange your marriage!

Make up your mind gurl! You're either happy being the only "free bird" or you;re not ... and if you are happy... to hell with gray hairs!

Ok! I actually sorta know how you feel so I better shut up! Everyone wants the best of both worlds ... don't worry - waqt se pehle aur kismat se zyada kucch nahi milta ;)

IR said...

zee dude relax ,

you want to marry by age 32 ?

the +ve thing about looking older is that when you actually get to that age people wonder how you've been looking the same !:)

Ruchika said...

Oh I like the quote nutty gave! Waqt se pehle... hmmm..

Well I cannot even start on the whole looking old, greying and not being married bit but truth is I'm quite happy and content with it... and miles away from mum trying to arrange anything! :)

P.S Dont worry... Things can be worse.. Doesn't help that the boy was allowed in only coz I looked old enough to be his chaperon! Hehehehe..

Zee said...

akshay...thank uuuuu....hope u stay up to read the others too :)

shool...awwwwwwww u're sweet too :):)

adarsh...well done! :)

manish....zoheb is a boy's name!!!!

someone...of course it gets worse...much much worse!!

lc...yes yes much thanks for keeping the mm at bay....muah!

arpana...never ever invite me! coz i usually take up invitations!! so get ready to party...

bullshee...the boy did read the let's hope he doesn't read the comments :) can i be happy with grey hair??? how how how how??? ps- cool quote! and hard hitting too...

ir...32 is optimistic....provided someone is willing to marry me...

ruchi......hmmmmmmmm u're right things cud be worse...i'm dreading the sight of my first wrinkle now!

nutty said...

hehehe ... just tell the world you're actually an ash blond with a bad black dye hair job :D

Or you could actually go wild and turn ash blond for a while ... that would be awsm!!!

nasia said...

You have a youthful looking boy. So go fwd marry him.But then, Only if you want to.
Y are all the commentators guessing your name.. hmmmm!!!
Try Loreal.. Hav heard it has 100% gray coverage .
Very funny blog..

Anonymous said...

Chow Mow...Meow Meow Muah

arpana said...

your comment on my blog at the exact same time when Im writing another post wah wah! kya timing hain jee aapki :)

Anonymous said...

so is the boy gone for good or is he coming back and keeping in touch in the meanwhile....

adi godrej said...

Naya Godrej Renew - renew your hair, renew your life!!

That Armchair Philosopher said...

"And instead of comforting me she gave out a loud laugh and said “That’s true”"

You know you've got it made when that happens. :)

Totally agree on the number of people getting married et al - its crazy. And I actually know someone with a 4 year old, who's going to turn 25 next year. Go figure.

And it looks like most people here are in the same boat - foxed about everyone suddenly getting engaged or married.. So the question arises - WHO the HECK is in the other boat? :)

Cuckoo said...

Nice one! Quite like the crib ishtyle... keep going.

Zee said...

nutty.....i might as well colour them pink!

nasia....hmph....i don't really want to colour my'll make me feel really really old!!

anonymous...... :) i know who u are....:)

arpana.....will just go read it!

anonymous...whoever u are......boy's gone for a while.....couple of yrs maybe....

adi godrej....very funny ha ha ha!

armchair....i think it's the devil himself in the other boat

cuckoo..... :) thanks for stopping by... cribbing is my ishtyle! and what's not to crib really?