Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Car Craze, Late night Dates and Infuriating Vet Visits

Have you ever driven behind a bullock cart overtaking a bullock cart? Well neither have I but I sure feel like I am when I’m stuck behind this car driving at the speed of 10 overtaking this other car driving at the speed of 10 and I’m trying very hard to catch the last parking spot at my office complex! Hmph!

After 2 years of not being able to take my driving anymore, my car gave up and decided to revolt by conking off the car speakers. Well one of them works. The other one shuts up whenever it fancies and can only be brought back to life only if I drive into a pothole! Of course, not hard to find on MG road, have been experting the art of driving into every pothole in sight to bring back music into my life!!!Bullseye!!!

Anyway, have been home most of the week as the boy was busy and my friends have disowned me for never meeting up with them (Sorrrrrryyyyyyy!!). But on Saturday night the boy did call up and said “Can finally get out. Pick you up at 12.” Twelve??? Ok so I’m, not a Cindrella who needs to get home by 12 but I’m definitely someone who CAN’T leave the house at midnight!!!

After much convincing my mum and promising her that I would sneak out without disturbing my grandparents and uncle downstairs, I tiptoed my way down the stairs. And just when I reached the landing my phone shrilled.
“Yes yes I’m coming” I whispered furiously
“Get a bottle of water”.
Tiptoed right back up. Finally let myself out of the house only to find the gate locked and the guard merrily in lala land!
“Hey” No response. He’s sprawled out on the chair.
“Hey guard” Louder. No response.
Clicked my heels loudly on the driveway to wake him up. No response.
I start whacking the bottle on the side of the car. “Hey wake up!” No response. Finally poked him 5 times with the bottle and he stirs.
“Why are you sleeping? What have we kept you here for?” Turn around. And my uncle’s at the door! Awesome! Gave him an angelic smile, hoped he thought I was returning rather than going and finally dashed out of the gate!

Anyway, life finds newer ways to laugh at you. Just took my dog to the vet…which always is an experience in itself. People walk up to you and say “Hey what breed is he?”. “Mongrel”. “A who?”

Yup, one of those days again but today this annoying woman cut the line and decided to chat up the vet! While I was comforting my poor doggy to sit down and relax she was asking the most arbit questions like “So do mosquitoes bite dogs” “When will my dog’s nose disappear”(whatever that means). And when she ran out of conversation she decided to read out aloud, in slow motion, the entire prescription the vet had just written!!! And insisted on perfecting her pronunciation of dog medical terms!!! Double Argh!

But hang on! That’s not all. In that entire wait, I entertained myself by checking out the posters of dogs up for sale till I saw a dog with the same name as mine! MINE!! Not my nick name. My real, official, seriously serious name!!!! And my name isn’t even one of those “tommy” “shiny” “goldy” kind of dog names!! It’s a normal, meaningful, human name!! Hmph!
On that note, I think I need to stop writing and go find the stupid dog owner who thinks he can get away with this!


Bullshee said...

What makes you think the dog owner is a 'he'???
May a fit of jealousy(over what i know not) over whelemed a fellow female, forcing her to name her dog as ZEE?!!

Cool said...

Hey Zee... You can't compare your car with mine, if you remember how stereo plays in my car.....

going out at 12:00 to meet the boy and no time for meeting friends is a total done thing.... you know i am one of those understanding types :)

how do you know the poster was of a dog, I am sure it is of a 'bitch' :) no further comments...

StandbyMind said...

Ha Ha hA.....Kill the owner kill him...LoL
I cant stop laughing..realy dont know y..but hell....
a post...

IR said...

very hilarious

be positive ,most people aspire for roads or towns to be named after them,you have a dog, its a start :)

stoob said...

There you go. Now I've read a blog on malfunctioning gadgets..

It saddens me.
You have no idea how depreciation has laid it's black ass (and is sitting pretty) on all electronic equipments I own. :(

Ruchika said...

A dog with your name?!! Tauba tauba!! :))

Cool, ur'e the understanding type?!! Since when?! :))

Ruchika said...

Oh, and security guards are the same everywhere!! Hehee, imagine a chor poking him with something to wake him up from his deep sleep to say "pakdo mujhe!"!

Adarsh said...

Raat ke 12 baje... din nikalta hai !!! :P
aur haan... zaroor pata lagana ki wo kambakht kutte ka maalik kaun hai .... nomenclature bhi nahin aata hai gadhe...oops.. kutte ko :D

*do mosquitoes bite dogs* .. ROTFL =))

Anshul said...

ZK stop lying to make us think you have an interesting life ....

Anshul said...

and just for the record .. Cool I 100% agree with you on the last part of your post!
dude you are beginning to think like me now ... I am proud of you

Anonymous said...

y dont i ever get credit on ur posts....who inspired u to get out of the mention...who alraedy has waved the way for ur mom to not think ur too useless by staying out longer being 5 years younger...???????

Cool said...

I have been the understanding type from the begining only :).. and with age i am becoming more understanding :))

Thanks for agreeing with me in first instance, how can you forget, we say the same thing but in different manner :)

Zee said...

bullshee....whatever the fit was...the name doesn't fit the canine species!!!'s not quite the point...!! trying to hunt down the owner... me rather a road than a dog!!!

stoob....hahahaha! yes i remember that one post of urs on gadgets!!!

ruchi...tauba tauba is correct!!!

adarsh...humare liye nikalta hai din 12 baje....not for moms!...por uncles!!...or guards!!! is having a dog having the same name as urs translated into having an interesting life??? dodo!!

LC...that was the second time. this descrption is of the first time...but yes u always make me look like an angel in comparison!!!

Anonymous said...

well because then at least SOMEONE calls you with love ... here Zarreen here Zarreen, come here baby ... see that sounds SO interesting.
what say Cool?

kammommy said...

lol........u actually made me laugh..

nutty said...

Oi! How about meeting your frenz at regular hours and then asking "the boy" to pick you up wherever you are (TC's, Climax, Elevate ya local paanwala... jahan bhi) at whatever time... Mom happy ... Uncles and Grand parents and guards can sleep undisturbed! and your frenz get to see you too!

Am I brilliant or what?!

My dog ran away again 2 months back n never came back ... so well I'm just sad at any talk of dogs...

Anonymous said...

Gosh seems like ZK is really having a hard time fighting off pissed off friends ...
..amen...Moksh better not incur the wrath of all these ppl...

but then why b rude, right?
Keep it up, woman! this life's your own!

JustSo said...

you have a dog named 'ZEE'? wat next? a dog named MTV, VTV or something else? kidding, kidding :D

JustSo said...

@ Zee ( in response to the comment on my blog)
yup babes, me the same Arpana :D and Me BACK!!!! feels good to be back, and feels even better to have such a warm-warm welcome :D *hugs*

Anonymous said...

Ure blog brings a smile to my face... As always ... :)

Zee said...

anonymous shool......not so anonymous after all......when will u stop being evil??

kammommy....u wudn't be laughing if a dog was named....err...kammommy???

nutty....... :( oh so sad........ :( :( :(

anonymous....who eet ees who knoweth the boy??? :) yes he better not bear the wrath!

justso....yeah yeah u're back! :D the happiness once again! :D btw, it wasn't called zee...that wud be understandable.....maybe....but it was called by my real, seriously serious, normal, human name!!!!

anonymous....:) whoever u are...u brought a smile to my face too with the comment :)

Anonymous said...

oh yaar Zarreen Khan urf doggie .. yeh sabh senti cheezein nahin chalengi "you bought a smile to my face" bloody hell.
You talk like your smitten!
Hello get a hold on your life madum!

Mmuuaahh though.


Anonymous said...

well...she is....aint she?? smitten by a younger it?? they say every dog has his, ( in this case HER) Day...before u kill me zk, m off to the beer world.


manish said...

oh my God,that's a very serious issue....I think you should change your name...this is animal rights violation..I could you keep your name similar to someone's pet's name ?? hehe just kidding :-))But trust me,you can very well find such weirdos now a days..blaming it all on you :-))

PS:- No offence intended whatsoever