Sunday, November 12, 2006

Ego Dampener

(Is dampener a word???? Like dampen the ego???)

First of all, apologies! Ba apparently is not dead (Refer previous post)! To be honest, I saw the episode when she was on her deathbed and there were heavy rumours about it so I just assumed she was! So apologies to all those who did that little dance on hearing the good news and finally thought they could give Kyunki another shot (Ekta Kapoor should be paying me for returning a lot of viewers to that brain dead show). So sorry for getting your hopes up high! It's the rumours you should blame!

Have had quite a useless week........thinking about random issues which don't affect my life but am putting them down nonetheless! ha ha! And the only string I could build into relating these random issues was that all that thinking didn't do wonders to my ego. And here is how.....

It was SRK's bday. They interviewed his teachers and paanwaala and doodhwala to ask their anecdotes of him and everyone of them made him sound like an angel. Am just wondering, what if they had actually said
Teacher: "Arrey Shah rukh to bada hi buddhu student thha. Cheating kar kar ke to paas hua hai. Pata nahin kahan se star ban gaya". Or the Paanwala: "Bada hi berahem thha. Abhi tak 124.36 rupay udhaar hain. Aap hi sandesa pahucha do?" I'm positive if I were to ever become a celeb my teachers would say "Err....who was she?" or more appropriately "We are seriously surprised she's made it anywhere in life!" How come every star's mum and dad and teachers always know he's going to become a star? Anyway, that bit of thinking didn't do much to my ego

Then my cousins came down from London. And suddenly I realised how crappy my English really is. I always thought if I was (was, were??? err.......) to move to England I could very well do with my vocab and with my accent. Yet when I met them, all myths about my second language were shattered. It took me a full 3 hours to get a hang of their accent. And it's taken them 7 days to get used to mine. "Sorry?" Eggjactly!!! (No I'm not as bad as Javed Jaffery! Hmph!) Not only did I realise my accent is funny (and theirs funnier), I realised I couldn't say one sentence completely in English!!! Have spent a lot of time stuttering and fumbling over my words (I'm sure they think I need to go in for language therapy) cause I form this hinglish sentence in my head and spend 10 mins translating it before it comes out the way it should! It's been a life changing experience. And an ego dampening one as well!

On a separate note, saw Vivah. PLEASE DO NOT, DO NOT SEE IT!!!!!!!!!!! This is a serious health warning!!! No matter how brave you are, how many lovey dovey movies you have been subjected to..this one takes the cake!!!! This one takes the bakery! (Ooooooooh that was a bad one. Even I grimaced once I wrote it!)
I must tell you, I did NOT intend to see the movie. Those London cousins of mine wanted to watch it and I was the nice, polite sister who sat through 3 hours of that nonsense!!! To top it all, my cousins loved it!!!
They: "It was so Indian"
Me: "It was regressive"
They: "It was so sweet"
Me: "It was diabetic"
They: "It was so colourful"
Me: "It was garish"
They: "It was so touching"
Me: (Blank) "Are you like kidding me??? No i mean seriously???"
Net net, please do not waste your time on it!

Ok I'm done with my useless rambling. Hmm....maybe I should change my blog's name to keep rambling....I have to be the most arbit blogger in the history of bloggywood (heheheheh I'm the queen of bad jokes today) (and no, don't u dare put "as always" in your comments!!!)

I just never know how to end posts!!!! ..............Maybe I'll blog on just that next time!!! :)

Till then......


Nimrata said...

I told u !! I told u .. !! guess they had 2 kill her off before ppl started believing they cud live for a 145 years like her..!!
On another note.. there is actually (as in for true)a chai waala behind my cuzins house who is owed 'pachpan rupya' by the great SRK himself.. given the cost of chai in his days wud've been a mere 'chaar' or 'aath' aana.. thats quite a lot of 'udhaar' the guy gave SRK.. maybe he really did see potential in him and knew he'd grow up to be a huge success.. only perhaps he didn't forsee SRK not givin him his dues .. hahahaha...!!needless to say .. they have not interviewed this chai waala.. they'd rather go for the fake testimonies of the teachers and others who he does not owe money too..!!
And i know wat u mean ..the hinglish factor.. i find myself fumbling for words with these pure english bred's too..!! may be the queen of arbit posts in bloggywood.. but i say keep it up girl.. cos it's obviously working for you ..:)

Ruchika said...

Hehe.. the celeb thing even I have often wondered about.. didnt get much of a positive thought on that for myself either!

Oh and I sOOO agree with cousins from US/UK etc etc thinking no end of bollywood movies with colourful clothes and SRK.. they even like actors like Zayed Khan and actually go for shows of such-like!! Hmmm.. different world altogether..

And talk about language.. I acutally improved my fluency in Hindi while I was Paris! Hehehe.. (ok, not exactly the same point, but anyways!)

beanpole said...

this is dated but if you haven't caught it, read the exploits of inspector vinod who solves everything in sight with his stupendous knowledge of world history
there's an entire series.

Anonymous said...

Hi lovely cousin....
your english is in shambles.. quote "i hope i didn't get your hopes up high"
But then i for one cannot say much because I live in Andhra - every other sentence either has a 'ra','da','maccha','only' ..the list is endless..
If our cousins understood you in 7 days, they would've stoped speaking to me in 2 :) ...personally dont think it would be a bad thing...because anyone with half a brain knows not to step even a 100 metres around a theatre playing Vivah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It has shahid and amrita. Enough said....
On the celebrity issue i am totally star struck worship Shahrukh types..... so he can do no wrong. Nims accusations may please be ignored!!( by all means you can go ahead put 'off' Salman and Sanjay Dutt in Jail for all I care!)
But really funny post!!
Ramble on!!
( also cause i get to ramble as comments ! wat joy!)

Zee said...

nimrata, trust me i don't intend for them to be arbit posts....they just end up looking like that!!

ruchi, ur hindi spree in paris, though for different reasons, reminds me of a friend who was surrounded by so many indians in the US when he called india he used to say it was to practice his english!

beanpole, website not opening! kindly resend

lovely cousin, yes we are the queen sisters of rambling! i ramble on the post and u ramble on the comments! well done! :)

IR said...

vivah is suppose to preach "indian values"- but most of us young indians(born and brought up in india) find it odd

while nri's who have spent their lives outside of this country find it appealing

nobody said...

hey zareen! hvnt read this post yet, but i juss saw ur comment on my lizard and other phobia post, so thot i'll leave a quick msg :) thanks for the comment!
i have limited internet access @ work, so i'll be back for more later!

- tata!

Neo said...

Hey Zarreen... Dampener IS a word, a completely legitimate word... people just other more popular synonyms of dampener... rules, should, career, institutions, growing up!

Nimrata said...

Look what Ba has done to me..!!! considerin i was the one who informed u she's still alive and kicking..i got it completely wrong in my comment to ur post ..!!
Old age hasn't caught up with her but as u can c it's doin wonders with my memory ..!!
All that and the pressure of ur widening coverage ... ;)

Zee said... true that it's meant for NRI's.... wonder why that should be though....why should some movies appeal only to NRI's? Maybe they "want" to see a different side to india as compared to how we see it........

sugar and spice...... :)

neo.....ha ha ha ha! i guess my english isn't all that bad after all!

nimrata, yes sincere apologies about ba. i know it's affected u and j the most!!!