Thursday, November 30, 2006

Giggly girls on idle afternoons

Oh man! I just visited some spooky website which is supposed to be some sort of psycho "alternate reality" something....which means I don't know whether it's real or fiction but I'm shit scared anyway! So the only way to distract myself was to write a blog! And as always I have no clue what I'm going to write about but let's see how it goes anyway!

Tought times coming my way. Got into a Kung Fu fight with my jeans a few days back. Tried very hard to pull them up but just couldn't. Kind of like the Seinfeld episode I caught where Kramer is trying to walk around in his skin fitted jeans. Decided I didn't want to do a Kramer especially given that my hair is quite getting there (Khosla ka Ghosla part 2... that's my hair.....except that I'm not a Khosla) so gave up and got into a skirt and then headed out for lunch with the school gang.

Let me introduce you to the afternoon with the school gang. We're a bunch of single 26 year old girls (girls, women....whatever) who believe in the 2 simple G's of life. Giggling and gossiping!

Typical outings with my school mates start with this line
"You've put on so much weight"
"Err.. Good to see you too"
"You've lost so much weight!"
"I lost 57 grams"

After we're done with the obesities (cool one huh?), we decide who will be the bali ka bakra and drive us to wherever we need to be driven (Thankfully, I'm never the bakra cause they're well aware of my parking skills and it would take me a couple of hours getting the tapes out of the way for anyone to get into my car).

Once in the car everyone pulls out their shades, plant them on their head (I think we're preventing our hair from tanning or something) and compare our new handbags.
"Same to you"

A typical conversations goes like this
"You know I was sitting at this restaurant where LMN (a painful character from school) was with ABC (Another painful character from school) and all they could talk about was Rani Mukherjee's jewellery in Paheli"
"Really? How pathetic is that!"
"Ya! Imagine, for 15 mins they went on and on about her jewellery and how good her clothes looked"
"Oh how utterly shady to discuss jewellery for 15 mins"
"Absurd indeed. Did you see the set she wore in that first scene"
"I liked the one at the dance"
45 mins spent in discussing a topic we thought was shady to discuss for 15 mins!

A typical meal goes like this
"We'd like a triple cheese pizza, fried chicken, brownie with chocolate ice cream.......and a diet coke"
And after the food arrives
"The pizza sucks"
"The chicken sucks"
"The brownie sucks"

We have a tough time fitting back into the car thanks to the food (though our wallets ALWAYS feel so much lighter) and then someone HAS to go shopping everytime! The rest of group open their guides on "how to lie through your teeth and pretend to have a social life outside the giggly gang" and try to wiggle their way out.

Net net (no still don't know how to end blogs) nothing tops those giggly girly afternoons! Long live all girl schools which breed the gossip monger in everyone!

PS- I know my giggly girls will read this....... it's all in good humour you know! :D


IR said...

"Once in the car everyone pulls out their shades, plant them on their head (I think we're preventing our hair from tanning or something) and compare our new handbags.
"Same to you""------ very well written

what is it with women and shades,do they ever wear them in front of their eyes?!

very witty post

Nimrata said...

Hahahaha.. funnneeee...

I was scared this post might carry the latest..'I hope v look like college girls on a lunch date and not kitty party aunties....:(' along wit a note to the author.. lol.. then I realised ur target 'characters' are of the age 26 category... so all's good again...:)
p.s. u do realise this specification cuts the giggly girls by half..leaving not very many of u to share the laurels for the anecdotes on this post.. hahahahah...

I presume the trauma of resorting to kung fu was due to freshly washed jeans.. i hate them too.. they suck..literally..the air out of me..:(

Oh btw..the link abt the haunted's sooo not true... i google.. therefore i know.. u have really got to be the most terrified (of all things person i know..

Anonymous said...

Hey lovely cousin!!

I couldn't register my shock...sane people actually saw paheli...then again i realised u saw a vivah!!!
I'm not exploring that link considering Buffy the vampire slayer used to spook me ..but promise me there aren't any clowns and I might just check it out!
I guess the most terrified
( of wierd things namely santa!!) runs in the family!!!!

And hail the Jeans Kung Fu probable is the only form of exercise I do!!!But I'd rather that than discard a pair and add to the overflowing pile of 'i'm gonna save this because i am gonna loose weight sometime!!'

Anonymous said...

This was really funny!!!
You're getting with each blog you write... and im sure are inspiring a lot of ppl..;)..

Zee said...

ir, have realised shades are always on the head. We once spent an afternoon trying to pick out shades which looks best on our head!

nimrata, yes i'd like to forget the kitty party bit! and don't show off about your age! You;re almost 26 yourself!

Lovely cousin, I have a cupboard full of clothes I don't fit into. It's a family problem! As is us getting easily spooked!

Anonymous, now that i know who you are :) have i inspired you???

Anonymous said...

This was the best I have read in such a long time.
Gucchi; same to you was awesome. That was really awesome.


the vestige said...

Well now that you have de-mystified the g-spots of a woman... the male world bows down and thanks you ( thunderous applause in the backdrop)

now we also know how women insult each other... they call each other fat...guess it breaks the ice at some level..

lovely cousin.. i like the comparison to vivah... keep up the good work

infact a lot of creative expressions seem to be oozing on this page...

"i hate them too.. they suck..literally..the air out of me..:("... thts a good one too

Ruchika said...

Awesome post! U're getting funnier and funnier! :-)) The "you've lost weight" "Ive lost 57 grams" really really cracked me up!!

Really witty.. Shades, jewellery, clothes, handbags... great picturisation of the quintessential Delhi girl! :-))

Zee said...

anonymous, thanks :)

vestige, ya mostly my comment page is more entertaining than my main blog itself!!!

ruchika, we delhi girls are like this only! :)

aRbit said...

:) Cool post...reminded me how much I miss being a "giggly girl on an idle afternoon"...Ruchi if you're reading this, will you consider moving to California? And bring your friend Zee?

Anonymous said...

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nutty said...

Damn its time to come back home n be a "Delhi girl"!!
very good description... me missing my giggly girl frenz!

Anonymous said...

I am so glad u didn't mention abt our polite behaviour and our appreciation for good service ;)

Zee said...

arbit and nutty....u both need the giggly girl dose!!! think u shud both head back for a holiday! that would make a whole new interesting and evil post wouldn't it!! hehehehe

J said...

oh dear, glasses on head is very very wrong and super filmy. A friend of mine does it but luckily shes hot enough to pull it off but still....very dubious