Thursday, November 02, 2006

Technical No- How

Ok 1....this is not a funny's just arbit rambling.........and 2......ya just had 1 point to make I guess......

Last week was super!!! I practically took the whole week off, lazed around in my pajamas 24X7, stuffed myself till I turned into a balloon (was already a beachball) and watched all the K serials (Tulsi is at her fattest best, everyone is currently on their 3rd round of marriages and Ba is finally dead.....I think......after living 350 years.....)

Anyway, towards the end of the week I realised I wanted to make myself useful and went to buy myself a new phone. I've owned a 3310 for years now....people have been hinting for a change since the time I bought it I think....they'd grimace at the sight of it, call it things like chappal, would never borrow my phone to make a call and some have even told me they're embarrassed of me carrying it!!! Of course none of my loving friends offered to buy me one......hmph......but the last straw came when one of the peons in my office told me
"Maam jab aap phone badlein to mujhe de deejiyega....main apne gaon bhejoonga"
"Gaon kyon?"
"Nahin mere paas to achha phone hai na. Gaon mein isse kaam chala lenge"

So finally decided it was time to move on (I love my 3310) and took my friend along for this techie shopping. You see, technology, of any kind, terrifies me!!! I remember getting these minature heart attacks everytime someone would also me to work on a telecom project in my previous job. And I remember hating a laptop for years cause I was just so comfortable with a normal PC. So I needed moral and technical support at such a crucial moment of my life and my poor friend was dragged along on the promise of a coffee afterwards (which of course never happened)

Just walking into the store with all these gadgets around made me feel like I'm in I-Robot or something. Not like I've seen the movie of course........I had all these TVs staring at me, these washing machines making eerie whirling noises and all these funky looking phones throwing attitude at me and my poor 3310. My 3310 squirmed into the palm of my hand and I quickly buried it in my bag! I took a deep breath and let my friend do the talking

So he asked about the specifications, the price, the features and I finally gave all the gadgets a dirty look and mustered up the courage to ask "Er, do you have it in any other colour?" and spent a full 10 mins out of our 15 min trip to the outlet deciding which colour to if my life depended on it really!!! (PS- there were only 2 colours to choose from- black or brown)

Anyway, walked out feeling like the proud owner of the new cellphone and have had a very tough week hence

A friend of mine called and I boasted "Man, your voice is mighty loud on this phone......" and then realised it was on loudspeaker! Need to get my eardrums checked now

I plugged in my handsfree and put the earplugs away intending to pick up the phone when it rings but didn't know I can't hear it ring if the handsfree is plugged in so am driving up my bill returning missed calls

I'm taking ages to type in an sms and am clicking all the wrong a result saving a lot of half written messages in my drafts folder

And I have a lot of pictures of the floor, the slippers, my bedcover, zooming in on my toenail which my photographer 2 year old niece has clicked but I can't seem to erase them!!!

Also called for an emergency meeting with a friend of mine cause I set a wallpaper and didn't know how to remove it and could not take the stupid fish in the wallpaper stare at me a minute longer!

And finally today I called up my friend in Agra who was half dying trying to sell a chewing gum to a land where the paan rules to figure out how to put in a freaking reminder!!!

After 6 days of extreme struggle, have just come to live with the fact that I'm technologically daft!!

BTW, also bought my mom a new TV....but that's another story all together......

Added Later: My friend now informs me that my voice isn't clear on the new phone! That 10K down the drain!


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Nimrata said...

call it things like chappal>>>> awwww .. sorrryyy!!! lol ..

looks like someone needs a crash course in operating a cell phone other than one made in the 1980's....!!! .... sorry again ...!!! hehehehee

Ruchika said...

Me also bought new phone (as ofcourse you know) and I find myself delighting in every new discovery I make in the phone! Had not used a Motorola before, so was not comfortable with the shortcuts etc.. atleast you moved from Nokia to Nokia!

Am thnking my phone is too sleek for someone as non-sleek (round is a shape!) as me!

Invictus said...

btw whats the model number of your newly owned gadget?

Zee said...

nimrata, given that my new phone is bigger than my 3310, does that make it more of a chappal?

ruchika, i know you're in the same boat as me :) but can't possibly be as technically challenged as i am trust me!

invictus, it's a 3230..and i chose it coz it looked less complicated than the other ones!!! Well, i was wrong!

Anonymous said...

Lovely cousin

I also got a new phone and its soooooooooooo damn annoying because unlike my last simpler phone in order to get from one place to another on themenu u need to give jumping two buttons - no there isnt a better way of explaining this - THE POINT OF WHICH I JUST DONT UNDERSTAND !!!

Nimrata said...

hahahaha.. by virtue of it havin a silent feature i proclaim it 'not a chappal' ...:)

Ba isn't dead...????... u mean i got jp all excited for nthn .. she's been waitin for Ba to die for over a year now.. !! yes.. sadly v r 2 very morbid sisters... :(

nutty said...

I'm probably at the other end of the spectrum coz I love gadgets and figuring out how they work.. a new cell phone sounds like a lot of fun to me!
But then again .. u poor poor thing! Hope you getting better at it now :)
So was the 3310 gifted to your peon n sent to his gaon?! :D

Zee said...

lovely cousin, ba so is dead!!!!

nimrata, refer above

unnati, almost gave it to the peon! but then didnt want to part ways with the only gadget which hasn't made me feel technically challenged!

Invictus said...

please keep us posted on more encounters with your 3230..i heard its a nice am sure u didnt made a wrong choice afterall..

Abhi said...

HaHa ! And I carry a Nokia 2300 , which cost me 3400 when the prices were scraping the ceiling ( so it must cost around nine rupees now ) , is a dull grey which can depress a clown , and makes my friends go "eeks , yaar tu 10 kadam peeche chal , humari image down hoti hain".Too bad you ditched the "ghatiya gareeb fone" club.

Strider said...

I use a pretty basic phone too (2300) and am none the worse for it :-)

Man i have no idea how people associate the features with the model nos... There are so many around arent they?
Atleast motorola has nice names like razer and ming ....

Btw thanks for stopping by!
Have a great time wid ur new phone!

Zee said...

invictus, trust me u dont want me to bore you with those stories

abhi, by the looks of how badly i'm doing with the new phone, i'm soon going to return to the ghatiya, gareeb phone club

strider, (sigh) will try to have fun (sigh) with my phone. and yes, thot ur blog was real interesting! :)

anon_iitian said...

my views are similiar to urs on technology usage..
I was using a samsung R220 for quite some time.(1.5 yr)
After that i shifted to nokia's and even using it for 6 months i couldnt figure out...the reason for the alphabets that i write dont appear on the screen
reason being there is something called dictionary:P