Saturday, December 30, 2006

Much Ado About New Years Eve

What a rocking week it’s been. Have friends, cousins pouring in from every corner and I have partied till I drop! Bumped into my first crush and he actually remembered my name (yipieeeeeee) and walked up to me rather than the usual me ogling at him and he giving me the “do I know you” look

But coming back to what a week it has been….Went to Buzz to get insulted. Went with a bunch of friends/cousins and I was the only one they gave entry without questioning my age but no one else was allowed in cause they looked underage! And they were all the same age!!!! Why can’t I look underage for a change? Am sick of being asked “So which of you is the older sister?” My sister is 8 years older than me so you know how I feel!!!

Also organised a surprise party for a friend of ours. Couldn’t find a venue. Sheepishly called up his mother and asked if we could invite ourselves over. Wanted to smuggle in a pepsi like rum punch but we added too much juice so ended up with a rather orange coloured pepsi bottle and quite shadily tried to pass it off as a de-pesticised cola. Didn’t help. We could see the mother making a mental note of not allowing us in next time. And then of course stupidly spoilt the surprise by taking off our shoes at the entrance so he came in with a rather forlorn expression on his face!!!

In between the many social sessions through the week, the one topic that seemed to put all of us in a rather solemn mood was that of new year’s eve. “What should we do?”

Now there are a whole bunch of us. Mostly single. Mostly losers. No invites to any parties. No money to afford hip pubs. No stylish clothes to fit into the hip crowd in case we do find ourselves in a hip pub! So we made a list of 20 things we could do…..which could be summarized into 3 royal ideas if you ask me
1. Stay home and have a romantic candlelight dinner with your pet
2. Gatecrash
3. Draw lots to figure out which one gets suckered into hosting a get together for a bunch of losers who would drink themselves silly about not having any invite to any parties

Not really a big deal for me. Have had rather colourful new yrs eves in the past.

I was one of the few who spent the glamourous millennium night in front of my idiot box feeling like a complete idiot watching Leo Di Cap turn into a human icicle while Kate sang a rather off tune version of twinkle twinkle little star!!!

And then there was this one time (I know 5 people who will read this phrase and laugh) , when I was stuck in the narrow lanes of Sainik farms at the strike of 12 till the sun peeked out through the fog coz the traffic refused to move! Was grounded for that entire year! And that’s just not a pleasant way to start the year

And of course last year took the cake. After spending a rather happening 10 mins with some extremely page 3 people who discussed how amitabh and abhishek were going to mallya’s party but srk was ditching (insider info this) we headed off to a more grounded friend’s place to spend a cosy (read loserlike) evening together.

Let me take a moment and describe what I was doing at the strike of 12. I was hanging from my friend’s balcony yelling happy new year to people on the streets (there weren't any) with a friend swinging on the clothesline philosophizing…… “Life is an excel sheet. You need to sort it”. Ideally I would have liked to ponder on it but another friend giggled in with a video camera and took a 10 min footage of the floor in pitch darkness.

So the moral of the story being, given that I’ve had fairly off beat new yrs eves so I’m not quite demanding as to how to spend my evening. So any plans would do

But you know what! I decided to not look like a polar bear for a change yesterday and braved the cold and came back with a rather nasty cold. My nose is running like a tap and I’m sneezing enough to feel like a chuk-chuking train. So guess I’m home tomorrow night…..

What a way to start the year…..


Anonymous said...

you missed out our christams dinner!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

hi lovely cousin!

can't really comment ...was witness to weeklong festivities and more!!!
U forgot to add the part where your family decided to suprise u at TC and nearly suffocated in the process due to the lack of oxygen in the place!!!
and you forgot the absolutely fun christmas dinner with great food and the bigg boss session!
not to forget bigg boss was a part of suprise bday bash as well!!

As tempting as it is to make lists to figure out what we can is the hyderbadi way of doing things -get all ready , biryani at paradise and ten phone calls later figure out which party you can freeload at!!! :)

Have a blast!!!

Anonymous said...

Ohhhh most annoying part of the week - Rupali is still in the house despite our votes innit lovely cousin?!?!?

Anonymous said...

i love the 2 comments by your lovely cousin!!!!

Nimrata said...

sheepishly .. shadily...stupidly... all that and more.. uve managed to pack in quite a bit in the week leadin to the big eve...!!
i'd like to put it as my very own lovely cuzin did...'new year's eve is one big anti-climax'...
cheers to that ..!!
if this comment doesn't make sense to anyone..
1. bugger off..
2. read the comments above mine.. then judge me...
3. i have a head ache...i'm dead tired..!!
4. it's tough tryin 2 de-shell a crab to get ur moneys worth of meat out of it...

stoob said...

Down the ages, there have been innumerable incidents, strategies and blueprints of poaching
alcohol past dreaded beings. But de-pesticide Orange coloured Pepsi takes the cake!!
Hat's off! Whoever it is should have allowed one more bottle in for such lateral thinking.

IR said...

it keeps getting worse

dth or cas for you ?otherwise all "homely" people spending their new years at home will have to contend with DD

IR said...

it keeps getting worse

dth or cas for you ?otherwise all "homely" people spending their new years at home will have to contend with DD

IR said...

it keeps getting worse

dth or cas for you ?otherwise all "homely" people spending their new years at home will have to contend with DD

Anonymous said...

Zarreen ..

Happy New Year ....
Hope, in this year you get so many sunshine that you need lot of sunglasses


# btw,I dont gift sunglasses!!!

Zee said...

giggly girl and lovely cousin,the coveted xmas party and giggly girl, ur happening new yrs eve will also soon be blogged!

nimrata, duh.....what's with the crab meat man??

stoob, glad u liked the de-pesticised explanation. however, the mother wasn't too pleased

ir, smartly we've got sky put just in time! :) and i didn't have to watch it anyway. (oh thank u kind God)

roy, same to u!!! :) and in this terrible fog nowadays, i'm hoping there's lots of sunshine!

Giscard said...

Fun read as always. I've put a link to your blog on my page.

Hope there is a great year ahead for you!

serendipity said...

aww i know what that feels like..i ended up with a nasty cold by trying not to look like a polar bear myself on saturday night. bad idea. and now im left with the snickles. newayz, happy new year :)

Strider said...

Happy new year!! :D

Guess what?
I was infront of the idiot box when the clock struck 12 this new year's eve!! :(

and yeah i remember the year when Titanic was aired some four five times arnd new year time!

Zee said...

giscard, thanks! :) hope you have a super year too

serenedipity, poor u cold is finally fine now!

strider....awwwwwww........cas got implemented at our place on 31st so everyone was stuck without anythign to watch. but i finally did fight my cold and get out so it was all fine :)

Adarsh said...

we welcomed new year with a candle-light daaru party:D

cardamom said...

without jeb me paisaa!!
new year's eve kaisa??

:( agle saal jab kamaane lag jaaunga tab jarur kuchh karungaa!!

Anonymous said...

wat?blogging fascination over is it???dont dissapoint us! we look to u for our weekly dose of cynicism!

he he
guess who!!