Tuesday, December 05, 2006

The Phone Again

Changed the description of my blog to learning to laugh at life. Cause it's turning out to be a big joke all right!

Saturday nights mark the highlight of my week. This friend of mine who sells chewing gums to the paanwalas in UP (the jobs we have!) comes down every Saturday to party (the lives we lead!) and we tag along happily (the pseuds we are!) pretending to have a social life of our own.

We usually end up going to some dancing place (I hate lounges where you sit and stare at each other and some psycho trance music plays in the background) and dance for a good couple of hours out of sheer compulsion as there's no place to sit and you can't just stand in the middle of a dance floor, can you? Which in a way it's good cause it turns out to be great work out session for my everyday Garfieldish (read lazy) life. Wake up every Sunday morning with a terrible body ache and exchange messages like this
Friend: Man my body hurts. I think we're getting old. I also think we're very unfit
Me: Ya we should party more often to keep fit

So this Saturday I'm at Orange room (which btw kinda sucks coz a. it's like waaaaaaaaaaayyyyy too dark inside. b. it's waaaaaaaayyyy too crowded and c. everyone's always making out around u......and that's not a nice thing when u're single!!!).

So I'm there and I get an sms from a friend of mine who has insider info (ooooooo my happening friends!!) that Saif (ya ya THE Saif) is going to be at orange room. So I'm staring at the sms and drafting a reply when the DJ announces "Ladies and gentlemen, Saif is in our VIP lounge" . The crowd starts screaming and jumping and I look up to ogle at him when my friends start screaming at me "Your phone's in your hand! Take a video! Take a video!"

And then it happened. It was like time stood still....tick tick tick tick..... I'm trying to exit from the draft sms...tick tick tick tick...... and it's taking its own sweet time....tick tick tick tick....trying to switch to the camera mode.....tick tick tick tick....finally viewing him through the camera (and give up a chance to see him in person... stupid, stupid me) tick tick tick tick........and I cannot see a thing thru the stupid camera........tick tick tick tick......coz it's so freaking dark.......tick tick tick tick........so I turn on night mode.........tick tick tick tick.....which takes it's own sweet time....tick tick tick tick.....and I still can't see him.....tick tick tick tick........so I zoom in........tick tick tick tick........realise it's on still camera not video..........tick tick tick tick......try to switch.....tick tick tick tick......."Ladies and gentlemen Saif Ali Khan" and I finally look up from the freaking screen to see him wave and turn back!

Net net, wasted all my time trying to figure that stupid piece of technology in my hand!

I miss my 3310!

PS- Forgot to mention I get grounded every Sunday for overshooting my curfew. Sigh sigh!


Nimrata said...

Dont blame ur new fone.. its just the way it's meant to be..nature doin it's thing.. much akin to always being stuck in the longest line at immigration...hahaha..
and u do realise if u were sporting your (in)famous 3310 u probably wudn't b allowed entry in the 1st place...or the bouncer wud probably be gettin it checked out for unknown heavy duty device being passed of as a mobile fone .. lol .. okie i'm evil .. okie i'm mean .. but i'm also very glad u changed ur fone .. :)

p.s... u actually ended a post without sayin ' i don't know how 2 end posts' ...:).. very good.. !!
i think i'm abt to start all my comments with ' i don't know how 2 start comments'.. mine almost always seem to start with 'funneeeee... '..lol..

Anonymous said...

Hi lovely cousin,

-Congrats net net is now a part of my vocabulary..all thanks to you!!
-The orange room sounds like all the dancing places in hyderabad!!! :) sigh...but replace saif with lots of moustache totting tollywood heros....
-He he he he...26 and grounded!!!!!Now that's funneeeeeeeeeeeeeeee......!!! :)
sorry ...rubbing it in na?!!!

IR said...

so much tick,tick

makes your mobile sound like a time bomb :)

Ruchika said...

Awww.. I didnt know my simple request caused such mental trauma! Hehe... should have remembered your post about technical NO-how! Hehe.. but he was soooo hot wasnt he!

Zee said...

nims, noooooooo u have to keep the opening line. it makes me feel my unfunny blogs are funny!

lovely cousin, let's see how far u get with curfews when u touch 26! hmph!

ir, trust me a time bomb wud go faster than how the sweet tiem my phone was taking!

ruchi, he was TOTALLY hot!!!! i wish i wasn't so busy with the stupid phone though! u shall pay....

Ruchika said...

If its any consolation... I wasnt looking at him the whole time either! I waslooking at you look at your phone and wondering whats taking so long!! Hehehe..

aRbit said...

Hahahaha...A very funny post! Am totally J that you got to see Saif!
And I don't mean to pick on you - but the last I checked, all you had to do to take a picture on a phone was point and click...or maybe that's how it is in the "wow a new phone is out - I have to go get it today" world :)

beanpole said...


good article

Anil P said...

Irony :)

In the old days they said eyes did all the talking, now camera lenses do, at least try to.

That Armchair Philosopher said...

grounded? at 26? oh NO. that must suck.

but again. Why? :)